H.R. McMaster Hints ‘Deep State’ Exists in White House

Former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster may have just outed the entire deep state within the White House.

McMaster recently interviewed with “60 Minutes,” making some very explosive comments about administration officials.

His comments make it pretty clear that there are individuals in the White House right now that are clearly working against our President… in other words, a deep state.

H.R. McMaster

We can all agree that McMaster was a bad fit as a National Security Adviser for President Trump.

One thing we cannot question, however, is his record as a general or his loyalty to this country.

McMaster’s military record speaks for itself but he absolutely has a more liberal agenda, which makes his comments even that more disturbing.

He took over as NSA in February 2017 and was dismissed in April 2018.

Even though his tenure was short, it was long enough to realize numerous factions exist right now, one of them being a group of individuals specifically working against Trump, what we all have taken to calling the deep state.

This moment in the interview that is very alarming is where McMaster describes this dynamic in the White House.

He stated, “There is certainly one group of people there who are there to serve the elected president and to serve the country.

“I think there are other groups there though, as well, a second group that is there really, instead of providing options to the elected president, they really want to advance their narrow agendas.

“And then I think there’s a third group, and I think this is true probably of any administration, who cast themselves in the role of saving the country and maybe the world from the president.”

Pelley then asked him if he was part of the group.

McMaster responded, “No. It was my duty to help the president come to his own decisions.”

If that does not ring alarm bells in this country, nothing will.

There is a deep state within the White House, that now seems perfectly clear.

You can read the full interview with H.R. McMaster on CBS News.

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