Special Master Ruling Halts DOJ Investigation for Time Being

Whether the DOJ likes it or not, the Trump investigation just got the brakes slammed on it.

The appointment of a Special Master by Judge Cannon means the DOJ can no longer continue to review the documents seized in the Trump raid.

Now, both sides must come together to appoint a neutral third party to review all documents.

What is more likely, however, is that the DOJ will appeal the ruling and hope it gets a liberal-appointed judge to overturn the ruling.


We know why Trump wants the Special Master appointed.

They are hoping to find documents that go well beyond the scope as well as more privileged documents.

However, Trump will have a problem proving that he had a right to have those classified documents.

We can look at judgments by Justice Scalia, a constitutional conservative, that would show the moment Trump left the White House, he lost all privilege.

However, there is also precedent used in the Nixon case that we expect Trump’s team to draw upon, so this gets really muddy.

The real challenge for the DOJ is in moving forward with the raid before getting a formal court decision on the matter.

With so many conflicting opinions being circulated, I would not even venture to guess how this will all come out in the wash other than what I have stated before.

Eventually, I believe Trump will be indicted to eliminate him from the 2024 ticket.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. Then come on DeSantis! But u know these liars, cheaters, deranged demos will continue- same ol same ol! We’ve got to do something good for them- where r those straight jackets we ordered!!

    1. that okay ;as long as the documents are read and to see whom violated their government office and used influence on judges that protect them.after all they have 35 years or since bill clinton held office .save our country and work forward to arrest or at least retire a few politician corruption is not a legal stand .clean up our government you have fact not make believe fabrication .maybe the reason obama coming alive again lets see what kinda work he did for iran and john kerry remember they had their hands giving nuclear power to make them bombs big and proud .dig down it an open book .even when i was in the army any thing that even come close to secrete document all that changed quickly ,and they are still wanting to know what happened to them that .i say trump did right even if it was wrong know if we have a legal system some of them will be charged for wrong doing

    1. That is DeSantis and Trump! The onthers, we cannot be sure they are strong enough to hold the corrupt Democrats and RINOS at bay….

  2. The hateful little children are having their big plan STOPPED. You would think that when you hijack the biggest government in the world with a majority you could get your agenda shoved through, but these clowns can’t even do that.

  3. is there anyone in the DEMO-Rats party left In Washigton that cannt be bribed .or paid to LIE.cheat, or steal? ?with the low case of character I say NOOOOO.as the old saying goes “You cant get Blood out of Turnip” I think that untill a good house cleaning is done on them its just going to get worse God Bless America the Land We Love So Much gone to the DoGS Like “Hell in a Hand Basket”

  4. The Democrats have so politically corrupted every agency and department of the US Government, they feel absolutely free to commit any lawless actions. They say no one is above the law every two minutes. What they really mean is no one that disagrees with them is above their lawlessness and lies.

  5. The constitution says that any person can run for pres. even if they are in jail. I listen to the REAL lawyers that are professors etc. like Dershoweitz and another that rarely comes on tv.

  6. The Dims may well to rethink their plan. They will for sure loose everything they have worked so hard to achieve. They could put themselves out of power for a decade are more. That would be the best thing for the nation. People know that if they do this to TRUMP they can do it to anyone. The people are waking up to what the government is really all about. The Rep. may want to keep their eye on the people are they are get kicked out.

    1. Yes, but so many are still to dumb, ignorant and stupid and will continue to vote Dems because their Grand DAD voted for Dems. These are not the Dems of the 50 or 60’s
      These are corrupt, evil and satanic people, who will do anything to destroy this country.

  7. But God….. just sit back and watch what he does. Once he is finished, President Trump will be back in his rightful spot and “they” will all be destroyed.

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