Jesse Watters Hammers Senator Graham for Timing of Abortion Bill

Joe Biden was getting hammered on Tuesday.

He was a sinking ship when the inflation reports came out.

Not only that, but Biden was also taking heat for holding a party at the White House for his Inflation Reduction Act while these reports were all coming out, reports he knew would be coming out.

It was as though Biden was laughing in our faces.

Then Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) introduced his abortion legislation, and the media refocused on Graham instead of Biden.


Fox News’ Jesse Watters asked the same question we were asking… Why now?

Watters told Graham that Americans were angry with him for giving Joe Biden an “out.”

Graham shot back that he refused to sit on the sidelines while Democrats tried to force through extreme legislation.

As if a day or a week would have mattered.

Why not let Biden take his lumps uninterrupted?

Watters shot back, “No one is saying you need to sit on the sidelines, but yesterday wasn’t the day to do that.

“Yesterday was the day they lost all momentum when this inflation thing punched them right in the face, and you gave them an out.

“A lot of people don’t like that.

“You could have done it on any other day, just like you could have delayed the whole press conference — like Joe should have delayed that stupid party.”

The exchange was pretty tense, as you can see in the video below…

I said this the other day… Graham and Biden have a long and friendly history together.

I cannot help but wonder if Graham did this to ease the heat on Joe Biden after Trump has been attacking him pretty steadily over the last few months.

Graham is too skilled and experienced as a politician not to know that yesterday was the wrong time to put this legislation out publicly.

Did the Democrats put through any abortion bills today?

Do they have anything scheduled over the next week?

The answer to both is no, so why would he put this legislation out there on the day when we had the boot on JoeBiden’s throat?

Source: Washington Examiner

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14 Responses

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    1. I believe there are some Republicans trying to tank the election !! Their actions speak for themselves , in the last 2 months !!! Republican candidates had this election hand in foot , they were about to flip both houses . Then I want to say McCarthy came out and said bad things about the republican candidates . I could not believe when heard Graham came out with this bill at this time . RINO’S are going to destroy republicans and the Democrats are going to finish America off in the next 2 years !!

    2. he is not a pro lifer he wants the feds in the choice again do not trust this rino he wants dems to have choice to kill babys up to 15 weeks i say hell no

  2. All politicians are traitors and are against term limits. They are corrupt and sell out the American people and their own country for favors and greed.

  3. Republicans and Conservatives need to VOTE, and after we win in November, we have to make a list of all the RINOS in the House and Senate and tell them to be REAL Republicans/Conservatives or get out of government so REAL Patriots can serve their country.

    Mr. Graham has been in government too long just like Mr. O’Connell.

  4. To damm many rinos in the republican party, their like snakes hiding behind partisan politics. They really the worst kind of scumbag politicians never to be trusted and voted out of office. FJB AND THE ENTIRE MARXIST DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  5. Get rid of Graham and other Rep. who don’t represent the people. The Rep. need to grow some balls like the Demo. If the Rep. party keeps this up and not stand up for the people, there will be only one party and that’s Demo. (Communist). Wake up people and get this old goat Rep. out.

  6. Graham is a charlatan – always has been. He talks the talk, but rarely is there any substantial follow-up. All pomp. All empty rhetoric. AND, this timing on his proposed bill for abortion limitations is his echoing ecclesiastical ecstasies and more braggadocio from this little man’s mouth. He is all about Lindsey and nobody else. Leave abortion rights to the states’ legislatures – good or bad. The SCOTUS decision is where it should be.

  7. Graham is as thick headed as any Democrat I have ever listened to. I have little faith that Republicans will take control of both houses. They don’t understand how to win!

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