Harris Admits Amnesty Top Concern for Administration

This Sunday, Kamala Harris did the Sunday morning circuit for a softball interview.

During that interview on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, she claimed the border was “secure” and received no pushback from Todd.

That quote got all the attention, but Harris made another statement that should have us all concerned.

Amnesty for All

Harris stated, “I think that there is no question that we have to do what the president and I asked Congress to do, the first request we made: pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship.

“The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed.”

Then she dropped the bomb, adding, “We also have to put into place a law and a plan for a pathway for citizenship for the millions of people who are here and are prepared to do what is legally required to gain citizenship.”

Before Biden took office, there were an estimated 11 million illegals that would get amnesty.

Now, that number is probably closer to 13 or 14 million.

The reason Democrats want citizenship for these people is votes, plain and simple.

Amnesty more or less means that Democrats do not lose another presidential election for decades.

Liberals already significantly outnumber conservatives in the United States, but we are far more active when it comes to voting.

With another 14 million voters on the roll, it would be tough to beat them unless everyone headed out to the booth.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. The only possible way to save our country is commonsense, of which there is very little at this point, ” if it looks like a dog and barks it probably is a dog, if it looks like an idiot and just stands there it probably is an idiot” If we dont get term limits there is no recourse that I can see for the future , no matter how many times you repeat the same mistake , it will never correct itself..

    1. Yes, and as Sen. John Kennedy says…”The water won’t get clear, until we get the pigs out of the creek!” We all know what to do…VOTE!! And speak to others who do not vote, how important it is. Offer to drive them to the polls and treat them to a pizza lunch! (Or invite them over for lunch!) Make a special day of it. AND now is the time to ask those who have not registered to vote, if they would like you to pick up a form at the PO for them to vote. NOW is the time to register for the Nov. election.

  2. Are you Serious?? In the plan from the start it has been the purpose of the open

    borders to bring illegal voters into the 2022 mid term and 2023 presidential elections.

    My question is what are the do-nothing Republicans doing to save the integrity of our

    elections and the foundation of our Democracy???

  3. Demorats now claim America has 14 Million Illegal Immigrants including CRIMINAL ILLEGALS living in the USA.
    “Biden’s Open Borders”, has put every American Life in Danger, especially with all the ILLEGAL CRIMINALS and the GOT AWAY TERRORIST.


  4. Who did not KNOW that the purpose of open borders was to benifit the Democrats, surely we are not that simple ??? It aint over YET my friends , we have been screwed , and good too!!! Obama finally got his opportunity to put the screws to the hateful USA, Biden doesn’t even remember what happened!!! We are in DEEP poop my friends>>> Cant say we didn’t ask for it though

    1. Pray for those who are working very hard to restore our Republic to what it should be. The White Hat Military and others are asking for the Patriots to stay strong while they complete all of the steps needed. Do not be afraid…even when our nation’s future looks bleak. The Patriots are in control as X22 report says!! I watch this every night and he ends with that quote every night. The explanations of what is really going on behind the scenes gives me hope and prepares me for the bad…but also the good that will come of it in the end. God bless America!!

  5. How about Harris and Biden following the Immigration Law which has always been in place. There are rules to apply for citizenship which should be followed. They have broken the Immigration rules so trying now to change the Law to meet what they think is correct when they are WRONG! Let’s face it… all for votes so their party can remain in power leading those of us in America who are natural citizens and those who followed the law to become a lawful citizen …my grandparents did. It appears that this WH can’t think straight wanting to change “all” laws to gain control of true American Citizens unfortunately to control our lives under a Communistic Rule. I lived through WWII. Do we want to live under Hitler’s type of Regime??-NO. At 98, I know!!!! America wake Up, read History. Read background of our President just don’t vote for Party but the CORRECT person! Hate is a terrible word.

  6. I guess those “walking” across the border illegally are illegal immigrant, they are potential Dem/communists/terrorist which is what the Dem party wants.

    Cept they don’t want em their neighborhoods.

  7. I now know how obiden plans on staying in power and all Americans will lose in this election on Nov to all you democrats this will be the worst thing to happen to America ever if you go along with obidens planned cheating you will live to regret it he’s going to write an executive order allowing all these millions of illegals to be able to become citizen before Nov that means all the people in the Hispanic communities who’ve worked hard followed the Rule of Law will not be legal again under this order especially the DACA’s because your not illegals who broke the law! This will set you back but to make matters worse everyone will be on the hook for these illegals to get free everything from the federal government which you and I will pay for you can add that to the phony Inflation Reduction Act more of our hard earned tax dollars gone that’s the democrats way! Vote in Person Not by Mail! Vote Red! Let’s Go Brandon!

  8. Oh how I am praying for our country, He holds us in his hand, My GOD and He will hold yours if you bow your knee and repent of your Sins. That is the only way we as a country can survive. Please all you who already know our LORD And Savior pray for country and multitudes of people that need that special gift from our Heavenly Father that will save your soul and give to you eternal life forever with Him. Praise you Jehovah God, Amen andAmen

  9. It is like a bad dream; I cannot believe the lefts actions or rational, there isn’t any! If we the people are going to stick our heads in the sand and allow their actions, then I guess we deserve it! Come on midterms!

  10. Harris is too ignorant to know that the border is wide open at the behest of her Kaiser, and she wants to be president? We are not stupid. We know she couldn’t handle a dog catcher’s job, let alone politics. Democrats have to be brainwashed or stupid not to know the truth about the border. It is wide open! She is a hypocrite by stating an obvious lie and expecting us to believe it.

  11. Of course, the plan was to give amnesty all along. This is not lawful, anymore than Biden has followed much, if any American Federal law, or Cons5itution- for that matter. But as a democrat, I guess he doesn’have to- law is only for the Republicans that he he is trying to make out as traitors and fascists. The des may wish to look at their own actions and see themselves in mirrors about their own actions before calling names. This is becoming more police state everyday where Constitutional rights are being blown away.\May god Bless America but America also needs to honor God

  12. Whenever Harris speaks, she basically says nothing that has meaning or action behind it, such as something she said in the past month or two to the effect about the people care, everybody cares, so we must care. When Biden speaks, he often doesn’t know what he is talking about, so he raises his voice and gestures to try to appear strong and powerful when the majority of people on earth think he is weak. The actions of the liberal Democrats is like that of children- if they can’t get attention when they are good, they will settle for the attention they get when they are bad. One only needs to listen to the first few words out of their mouths to know they are trying to peddle some old and sometimes some new BS, and so it’s time to turn off the TV .

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