Former Harris Adviser Rips White House Over COVID Protocols

On numerous occasions, I have stated that it was only a matter of time before Biden and/or Harris staffers started to talk.

Well, it’s happening, and it’s a doozy.

A former Kamala Harris adviser has come forward to drop a bombshell regarding COVID-19 protocols under this administration.

If This Were the Trump Administration…

Whenever you hear a Harris staffer say something like that, you know it’s bad.

We have all seen the double standard that has been applied to this administration, and that is now apparently something that was too much for one former Harris staffer.

Regarding current COVID protocols that are in place, Kavita Patel, who helped Harris craft her campaign health care plan, stated, “If this were the Trump administration, we would be talking about how they were putting staff and the health of their potentially unvaccinated household members in jeopardy.”

She is not alone in her concerns, either.

Other staffers from the White House have been stated concern on this front as well, specifically regarding how this administration is treating contact tracing, including people not being notified even when breakthrough cases occur in adjacent offices.

There is also unrest over internal procedures when staffers think they could have been exposed but are not showing any symptoms.

The report stated that those individuals are being told to go to outside testing sites rather than being able to use the on-site testing available at the White House.

When asked about the issue, a White House official stated, “Our medical unit fields inquiries from many individuals every day and works with each individual to create a custom plan based on the specifics of their situation.

“White House staff with questions about our testing program are always encouraged to ask them to the operations team.”

That would qualify as side-stepping the issue in my book, which seems typical of this administration.

Ironically, the official stated the policies in place are to protect employee privacy, yet that is far from the case with the new mandates put in place by Biden for business owners with 100 employees.

Eight months in, and this administration is now imploding.

Sources: Daily Caller & Fox News

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20 Responses

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  1. When you run a secretive “smoke & mirrors” administration based on lies, eventually somebody is going to talk. I would have put money on it happening long before now, but it was bound to happen eventually. This clown show is going to implode big time, and even the hardest glazed-eyed Dem devotees will eventually have an epiphany. This is just too messed up for ANYONE to ignore.

    1. Personally the implosion wont happen soon enough. This is the worst administration ever, and is the main downfall of our respected Country.

    1. It is true, all of congress, senators, ect. none of them are mandated to take the needle. Why? because Pelosi says they are all above the law and what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  2. Biden is a domestic terrorist. A threat to our very existence. Impeach him immediately, then he should be tried for TREASON

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