Harris Claim About Grapes Already Debunked

Harris is starting to tell just about as many lies as Joe Biden.

The odd thing about this is that there really is no need for these bizarre stories.

For instance, her latest tall tale is about not eating grapes to support unions when she was in her teens.

Timing Does Not Work Out

Harris stated, “This sounds quaint, and so I’m reluctant to say it, but, you know, I didn’t eat a grape until I was in my 20s.

“Like, literally, had never had a grape.

“I remember the first time I had a grape, I went, ‘Wow! This is quite tasty.’

“It was absolutely ingrained so deeply in me: Never cross a picket line.”

The problem is that the largest grape boycotts organized do not match up with her timeline.

For instance, the longest boycott in California did not start until 1984, which was four months before Harris’ 20th birthday.

That would last until 2000, at which point Harris was 36.

The first boycott by the UFW to promote higher wages took place just before Harris was born and ended when she was five.

The second boycott started in 1973 and ended in 1978.

So, if Harris did not have a grape until she was in her 20s, she was the only one boycotting grapes at the time, then when she was tossing them down, the longest UFW boycott was in full swing.

Harris has done this before, most notably when discussing her favorite music and smoking pot while she was in college.

Harris claimed she would blaze up to Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

Harris graduated in 1986. Tupac’s first album was in 1991 and Dogg broke through in 1993.

Pandering… it is what she does best.

Source: New York Post


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