POLL: Kamala Harris Least Popular VP in Modern History

Kamala Harris was supposed to be the woman that did what Hillary Clinton could not do… break through the glass ceiling.

She could not win on her own, so Joe was going to tap her as his VP and hand the keys over to her, be it after his term or when he was no longer capable of reading his cue cards.

All those plans have now gone up in smoke, however, because it is official… the American people do not like Kamala Harris.

Crashing Polls

Mike Pence, as Donald Trump’s vice president, was despised by the left.

Even so, his disapproval rating after six months was 41.9 percent.

Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, and Al Gore… all VPs, and all of them were 50 percent or higher after six months in their approval ratings.

Dan Quayle, who even little kids mocked, only had a disapproval rating of only 22 percent after six months.

Kamala Harris… well, she is sitting at a 48 percent disapproval rating, more than any vice president in modern-day history.

Ironically, even the people that Harris is trying to appeal to the most with her leftist ways, the 18-29 crowd, don’t even like her.

Her disapproval rating in that demographic is 41 percent.

Another poll recently asked if voters thought Harris was ready to step in if Joe falls down, and a majority of voters, including almost 50 percent of Democrats, said no.

At this rate, Harris could have a tough time winning a dog catcher election after she leaves office.

Source: Breitbart

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13 Responses

  1. “WHEN YOU VOTE (or STEAL an election) FOR TRASH; YOU GET TRASH” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That says ALL you need to know about the Democrats and their pitiful excuse for a VP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was kind of interesting to watch the debacle from the sidelines. I watched the Dem “debates” and felt my skin crawl when Heels Up talked and cackled. I did, however, love it when she called Demented Joe a “racist” and she went through her “I was that little girl” skit. I was NOT SURPRISED when she dropped out of the race because I knew SHE WAS SUPREMELY DISLIKED. Then when Demented Joe tapped her for VP because she was “black” I rolled on the floor. Another “Obama” thing-technically she isn’t even a citizen of this country. Then when she shied away from her duties as the “border czar” because she didn’t want to damage her political future, I almost died laughing.

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  4. Biden Nancy and cametoe need to go to jail for the deaths of Americans killed by his filty illegals . Down with Biden the what be president he is not my president

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