Original Harris Memorial Day Tweet Sparks Outrage

Kamala Harris seems to be absolutely clueless when it comes to our service members.

She cemented that as fact when she made a bizarre post on Twitter to announce Memorial Day weekend.

It is one of many missteps she has made regarding our military, and this time she paid the price.

Not Again

Harris’ disrespect of the military was quite apparent she boarded Air Force Two.

Harris refused to salute the service members protecting her and only buckled recently to pressure, offering a casual salute when she now boards the plane.

More recently, during an address at the Naval Academy, Harris decided to push her green and woke agenda rather than respecting the sacrifice these men and women have signed on for.

To add insult to injury, this was the initial tweet Harris sent out to celebrate a weekend meant to honor our fallen…

She was immediately called out…

That resulted in Harris sending out a new tweet, the one that should have been sent initially…

Too little, and far too late, Kamala.

The fact this woman could one day be sitting in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk is absolutely terrifying.

Sources: Breitbart & Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. The only thing that Harris knows is to be on her back or knees. She thinks she is smart, hell there isn’t a smart bone in her body.

  2. This is representative of the entire Democratic Party and how much they disrespect all the heroes that have fought and died to keep all of us free. What they support is to burn, loot, and murder in support of communism and marxism.

  3. The fact that she is just a breath away from the most powerful position in the world IS terrifying. That stupid, negligent tweet on her part is just a small sample of how she regards the rest of us.

    Remember, Jesus did say “he who can be trusted with little, can be trusted with much”. Yup … If Kamala can’t be trusted to handle something as respectful as this, how do we trust her with handling the really heavy lifting? Answer is, we can’t.

  4. Agree with all posts! Pure ignorant arrogance on her part! She is too stupid to be v.p., Biden is too senile! What a pair! They have NO respect for our military, our country or our people! Impeach them both, and oust Piglosi and Schumer as well, they are enemies of the state!

  5. I’m Sorry but everytime I see her speaking, I have to change the channel. I refuse to listen to her ignorance and selfishness. I think this is a party created before Obama was even out of office, how else are they able to degrade, disrespect and throw away OUR country so fast????

  6. She doesn’t respect our forefathers who gave us this great nation, why would she respect our fallen heros that kept it great? She hates America. She only cares about herself. I’m not at all surprised by this in fact I expected it.

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