Harris Not Missing, Just on Vacation in Hawaii

I really need a job working for this administration.

Have you noticed, we have not seen or heard from Kamala Harris in weeks?

Well, it turns out, she and hubby are hanging out at Obama’s favorite vacation spot… Hawaii.

Must Be Nice

Harris has been in Hawaii since August 15.

She took off out of town before the bogus Inflation Reduction Act was signed and nobody has seen her since.

She and Douggie were spotted in baseball caps and their comfy clothes cruising around the islands like a couple of tourists.

So, let’s recap.

Joe Biden spends a week at a $20 million private estate, then takes almost two weeks in Delaware.

Kamala has been in Hawaii for 10 days.

Most Americans are working overtime to keep the lights on and just found out they have to pay more than $2,000 for a student loan they never took out.

Did I miss something or is this administration just laughing at us?

Source: New York Post

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