Arguments for Reinstatement of Death Sentence for Tsarnaev Heard by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is about to hear oral arguments for a case that could present a significant challenge for Joe Biden and Democrats in 2022.

Joe Biden campaigned on eliminating the death penalty, yet the DOJ is fighting to have a death sentence reinstated against the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber.

The initial sentence was tossed on appeal based on the initial trial judge allegedly excluding evidence.

Complications for Biden

This is a really interesting case for the Biden administration.

With three dead and more than 200 people injured in the attack he helped orchestrate, many liberals believe if there is anyone that should be put to death, it is this man.

The only people in this country that do not want to see Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s put to death are bleeding hearts that believe nobody should be put to death for their crimes.

After initially receiving the death sentence for his crime, the sentence was overturned on appeal.

However, the Department of Justice is now fighting that decision, which is surprising considering Joe Biden’s stance on the death penalty.

The DOJ, in its brief, stated, “The court of appeals improperly vacated the capital sentences recommended by the jury in one of the most important terrorism prosecutions in our nation’s history.

“This court should reverse the decision below and put this case back on track toward a just conclusion.”

As usual, when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked to address the conflict of Joe Biden’s stance during the campaign and this appeal, she dodged the question, directing the journalist to address it with the DOJ, adding, “I don’t have anything more on this case.”

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

  1. I believe this man needs to be put to death asap. He does not deserve another day on this earth. Why keep housing, feeding a man who killed and destroyed so many lives. The bleeding hearts of America need to go bleed some where else. Why don’t they go visit the families this man killed? Or why don’t they just go back under the rock they came out from.

  2. These “bleeding heart” lying, hypocritical Marxist Democrats do not mind dismembering an unborn human in the womb putting the child in enormous pain then selling the body organs and tissues for great profit. Now they want to keep a piece of human garbage who chose to kill innocent people(like the aborted babies) alive?????? What a bunch of low-life rat BASTARDS.

  3. Amazing, Biden is against the death sentence for terrorists and criminals who commit capital crimes against humanity and he is all for killing innocent babies in the womb. Biden is a sick man!

    1. China Joe is “compromised” by Millions of Communist’s DONATIONS—via THE FAMILY. Wake up You useful idiots!

  4. I would take it one step farther (and this would piss off all liberals) If a person is found guilty of any felony crime, and is sentenced to prison for more than 20 years. Make it mandatory that they be placed on death row for 2 months. Then execute!

    1. The only way that canwork is to use MILITARY TRIBUNALS—where executions can be enforced within 72 Hours.

  5. Senile Biden and the rest of the democrats have no qualms about murdering the unborn, but they’ll let a killer go?

  6. The death penalty should be carried out within one day after the criminal gets one and only one appeal.

  7. With crimes Biden has done… he should be convicted and sentenced to death for treason and murder for the invasion by illegals on our border that will absolutely result in rape and murdering of US Citizens. Highly support him being prosecuted for high crimes against the USA.

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