Hillary Clinton Loses Online Legal Battle… to Kim Kardashian

The argument that Kim Kardashian is all beauty and no brains has just been shattered.

On a different note, the argument that Hillary Clinton is as dumb as a box of rocks has been proven.

Clinton, who loves to brag about her legal knowledge, lost a legal trivia contest to a first-year law apprentice, 11-4.

Beat Down

Kardashian faced off against Clinton for Hillary’s upcoming Apple TV+ documentary series.

Kardashian only passed the “baby bar exam” last year, but Hillary is a Yale Law school graduate.

The two were quizzed on criminal law, and Kardashian skunked Hillary, who described the loss as “heartbreaking.”

The quiz was given by Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, who claimed her mother only lost because Kardashian had better hand speed to the buzzer.

Kardashian, who needed three tries to pass the exam, did so in December 2021, posting, “Bottom line is don’t ever give up even when you are holding on by a thread, you can do it!!!!!

“Set your mind to it and get it done because it feels soooooo good once you get to the other side!”

I have never been a fan, but she just gained one new follower solely because she embarrassed Hillary.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

      1. You got that right.
        The average American citizen has an IQ that is several points higher than anyone in DC or any of the pundits on mainstream news, but these idiots keep insisting on telling us how dumb we are.
        I guess that shows how dumb they are.

    1. Pretty sad when the Devil stops giving them lines to speak that they don’t know what to say just like the dumbest puppet Biden

    1. But she learned from the best, having a law license i guess teaches one how to break the laws !!!! Many Americans were hurt by the Clintons they need to be held accountable & liable

    2. It seems to be a pattern of many Democraps and no one is putting a stop to it. Piglosy, Hillary and Biden to name just a few.

  1. Anytime when Clinton loses they say it is because of a buzzer malfunction or some other excuse. Hillary Clinton should just laugh it off and everything will be OK, but when Chelsea Clinton say that Kim Kardashian cheated just make her a fool…

  2. Kim Kardashian is a smart women. Have a beautiful face and body don’t make you dumb. Kim Kardashian made herself wealthy by working hard not like Chelsea Clinton were the money was handed to her through her parents foundation… That’s my story and I sticking with it..

  3. A dumb box of rocks is the same anyway you add it up. That is Hillary Clinton same goes for little piglet of a daughter.

  4. All Hillary know is how to sell out the USA for cash to Russia and Saudi Arabia as her daughter came out of the same corrupt mold-Trash. Hillary falls to ground to many times caused her hand not fast enough to hit the answer buzzer, Congrats KIM!

  5. What heart breaking lose Hillary has alway been stupid. And can relax fir now but she will be joining Joe Boy in jail.

  6. Heart breaking??? How when she asked for it? Hillary cannot be trusted in any situation but especially in a money situation.

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