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Hillary Tells Reporter to ‘Lay Off the Pot Brownies’

Hillary took a technically correct statement by a New York Times columnist and went ballistic over it.

In a recent report in the publication, Maureen Dowd claimed it had been 36 years since a woman was added to a Democrat presidential ticket by a man.

Hillary responded, telling her to lay off the pot brownies…

Hillary, however, is absolutely wrong and Dowd is 100 percent right.

We can loosely consider Hillary Clinton to be a woman, and she was the headliner on the ticket.

SHE added Kaine, not the other way around.

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Since Democrats and the media like to judge conservatives and Trump by their verbatim comments, Hillary is the one that got this wrong… that is unless she has some secret about both her and Kaine’s sexuality that we don’t know about!

You can read the full report on the New York Post.

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