Republican Holds Surprise Lead Over Incumbent Democrat Senator

Governor Larry Hogan is out of terms and facing retirement… maybe.

There is now a major movement to have Hogan run for Senator.

The bad news for Democrats is that if Hogan decides to run, he is already holding an overwhelming lead over the Democrat incumbent.

Better Than a Democrat?

So, I am no fan of Hogan, but I guess he is better than having a Democrat holding the seat.

If nothing else, it would give the edge in the Senate to Republicans, and that is huge right now.

The downside is that if Trump does decide to run and he wins, this will be another Republican that will fight him tooth-and-nail on a regular basis.

Now to the data…

Hogan has not announced his move, but he is a very popular governor in Maryland.

His approval rating is through the roof on all fronts and goes across all races.

If he chooses to run, current polling has him holding a massive 12-point lead over Senator Van Hollen (49-37).

Hogan has an approval rating among black voters that is floating close to 80 percent and a 71 percent approval among white voters…

There is another option here as well.

There are rumors that Hogan is considering sitting on the sidelines for two years to make a run for president.

I don’t see him being very successful on that front simply because he does not have a big enough profile.

The downside to that is that if Trump does decide to run, Hogan is going to be a HUGE problem for Trump during the campaign and the general election.

How do you guys feel about Hogan? Would you support him running for Senator? For President?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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16 Responses

    1. I will still vote Trump. If Hillary was running I would still vote Trump. The Rats are gone crazy. Trump has to fix this country. Biden have destroyed it. He is a walking time bomb.

  1. Hogan is not my choice. He is a rhino. He needs to retire. He has made md. a sanctuary state. Our election was a fraud because they did
    Not take dead people off the voter rolls. It time for him to go

  2. After seeing the empty husk of a horrible career criminal politician become president, I think every politician who isn’t headed for prison thinks they can be the president now too. Even Hillary (because she isn’t headed for prison yet). Pretty sad situation this country is in.

  3. I live in Maryland and given that the Democrats pretty much own the legislature Hogan has done pretty well for the state. I didn’t agree with everything he has done but he is stuck with Baltimore and contrary to opinion it is not “Charm City “. He is Certainly better than the previous 5 governors.

  4. We need to get rid of the rhinos so no I don’t support Hogan if he is a Trump hater then he has no business being a Republican he needs to get along with President Trump President Trump is good for our country

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