Homeless Man Mercilessly Beats Woman Subway

Yet another attack in the New York City subway system has left an innocent victim beaten and battered.

A video surfaced this week of a brutal attack of Elizabeth Gomes.

After ignoring a homeless man, he drug her across the station and brutally beat her, and now she may lose vision in one of her eyes.

Brutal to Watch

My stomach turned as I watched this video…

Gomes is a security guard at Kennedy Airport and was on her way to work when the attack took place.

Gomes stated, “He was targeting me or something” and ranting “about the devil, about … a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t even want to hear at five o’clock in the morning.”

The assailant has a mile-long record, with Gomes’ husband explaining,  “This guy kill his grandmother at 14 years old.

“He injured so many people. Why is he on the street? That’s what we trying to find out.

“It’s crazy — she’s going to lose her sight if she doesn’t get some help real soon.”

Violent crime in the NYC subway is up 42 percent since 2019.

What are you going to do about it, Mayor Adams?

Sources: New York Post & Fox News