Honda and Toyota Slam Democrat Pro-Union Electric Car Subsidy Plan

Two of the major electric car manufactures are coming out in force against the Democrat plan to offer larger incentives for electric vehicles built in union shops.

Between the two companies, they have the capacity to build more than 3.5 million electric cars.

However, because they are not union shops, the new subsidy that is part of the Democrat plan would not benefit either manufacturer.

Backdoor Monopoly

On Friday, the House Ways and Means Committee revealed that part of the massive $3.5 trillion spending bill would include increasing the maximum credit by $4,500 for battery-powered vehicles.

In addition to that, there would be an additional credit of $500 for battery packs that featured 50 percent production in the United States.

The total of the new credit allowed would be $12,500, up from the current $7,500, and the plan would be in place for a total of five years.

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) stated, “We want to incentivize this. It puts American manufacturers in the lead, which is where we want them, and it reduces emissions faster than any other policy that we could put in place.”

Honda and Toyota are foreign manufacturers, but they do have factories in the United States, employing US workers, but they are non-union shops.

Honda, in response to the plan, stated, “If Congress is serious about addressing the climate crisis, as well as its goal to see these vehicles built in America, it should treat all EVs made by U.S. auto workers fairly and equally.

“We urge Congress to remove discriminatory language tying unionization to incentives from its budget reconciliation proposal.”

Toyota offered up a similar statement, hammering the proposal for hurting “American autoworkers.”

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the only major US manufacturer in the industry that is not a union shop, also hammered the plan.

He stated, “This is written by Ford/UAW lobbyists, as they make their electric car in Mexico. Not obvious how this serves American taxpayers.”

Source: Fox Business

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19 Responses

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  2. This “PERSON” has been the WORST EXCUSE for a PRETEND President this country has EVER had to endure !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I you are going to STEAL another election, next time try to find someone that still has two brain cells that are still firing !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just another gift to leftists who have drunk the communist Kool-aide and wish to usurp the policy of letting the market dictate what products will be produced. These idiots will push any policy that will interrupt and defile the traditional workings of our economy!

  4. If it’s wrong Sleepy Joe Biden will do it. These commies think they can slide these sideways deals through and nobody will complain or call them out. Just like their FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in idiotic pretend “infrastructure” bills that are nothing more than PAYOUTS TO THEM AND THEIR FRIENDS. My parents are turning in their graves with what these communist Demoncrats are trying to do to our United States.

  5. Is anybody on the left starting to understand What “AMERICA FIRST” really means? Not liberals first, not unions first, not race first, nit money first. Just simply all Americans First. Joe you do not really care about America First. It is all about you greed for power first. That is so un-American. What don’t you just slither off to Some Marxist First place so you can be happy and more important True Americans can be happy.

  6. How are they gonna dispose of all the old batteries when ya have to have a battery change ? They won’t last for the life of the car. Bet they didn’t think that one through !

    1. Wait until they get the bill for the battery replacement. They will probably junk the car instead because it would be cheaper than the repair.

  7. I would like to see the Democrats actually practice what they preach with respect to Green New Deal. They just want to spend our tax money so they can invest in alternative energy sources and electric vehicles. You can bet they will still drive gasoline cars, fly on aircraft using jet fuel and natural gas or burn propane in their heaters in the winter! Do as I say not what I do!


  8. They are not going to build the electric cars here they will send them over to china. And nobody but rich people and all the illegals coming in taking over America!

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