Fleeing Motorcyclist Horrific Crash Broadcast on Live TV

A local CBS outlet in Los Angeles was live broadcasting a chase scene when the unthinkable happened.

A motorcyclist fleeing from the police traveling at well over 100 mph slammed into a car, headfirst, at an intersection.

The motorcyclist was declared dead at the scene.

Horrible Crash

Ironically, right before the crash happened, the anchor was literally describing what was about to take place.

She was talking about the dangers of him driving so fast, sneaking up on cars umexpectedly.

She had no sooner said that when the crash happened…

LAPD captain Andy Neiman “It’s a very sad day here. Just another example of how reckless driving – regardless of who it is – causes death.”

Neiman also clarified that the police were not actually in physical pursuit.

The motorcycle had been stolen, and the motorcyclist fled from police after being stopped.

When he left the scene, as you saw in that video, he was traveling at speeds over 100 mph.

According to Neiman, they were just tracking him to see where he stopped, at which point police would have attempted to track him down and apprehend him.

Have you ever seen anything so crazy on live TV?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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11 Responses

  1. This is what life is like in LA County. Getting to be a regular activity. Regular viewing on TV is disrupted as we sit and watch these pursuits go on and on sometimes for hours at a time. Lots of stolen vehicles most times.

      1. Can’t help but agree. However, how about the innocent motorist and his vehicle? The automobile driver’s family?
        This little event is another nail in the coffin for a big liberal run city and State.

  2. its time to take the lives of these criminal ! how many people could have been killed with thugs running free ,then get released to kill again! thanks to the dammed democraps who let the bastards out!

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