House Dems Block Hunter Biden Probe

Protect Joe Biden at all costs.

Republicans were trying to get some Hunter Biden business records to dig into possible ties with Joe Biden as well as Hunter’s ties to the Chinese.

Sounds reasonable… but the Democrats have blocked it.

Not Happening

More than 150 business transactions were conducted by Hunter Biden and his family members that were flagged for suspicious activity.

Point being, the GOP is not just making this stuff up… there is clearly something there.

They will not be able to look any further, at least for now…

You guys know me well enough to know what I think about this by now…

If you have nothing to hide, why not let them dig and get egg on their face.

This is all going to change once the GOP gets control of Congress and Democrats better home there is nothing to this… but I think we all know that is not the case here.

Source: Fox News

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