Hunter Biden Says ‘No recollection’ of Baby Mama

Hunter Biden appears to be a bigger dirtbag than most of us envisioned, and that is truly saying something.

In Hunter’s new book, “Beautiful Things,” Hunter goes into great detail about his drug and alcohol abuse.

Among the revelations made by Hunter is that he has absolutely “no recollection” of meeting the Arkansas woman with whom he fathered a child.

Don’t Recall

In all honesty, this seems like a cowardly out to try to get the attention away from the fact he has a child that his own father has yet to recognize (or even be questioned by the media about).

Hunter, in admitting that he could not remember the encounter, stated, “​It’s why I would later challenge in court the woman in Arkansas who had a baby in 2018 and claimed the child was mine.

“I had no recollection of our encounter. That’s how little connection I had with anyone.”

This from the man that Joe Biden says is the smartest individual he knows.

That says an awful lot about both of them.

Source: Breitbart

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23 Responses

  1. Hunter is a scam bag! He lies to everyone! He is delusional to think any body likes him! This shows how he is still doing drugs. And his father thinks his kid is smart! What a messed up family! And now leaves the borders open so drugs can flow into are country! Only so his kid can get them cheaper! Any body that trust this family is stupid!

    1. Hunter Biden learned how to lie his way out from guess who? like father like son. His dad probably told him to lie about the woman and the baby. when the baby was born DNA test proved the baby was his. the courts said so and he was to pay support for the baby. THE WHOLE BIDEN FAMILY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF CRIMINALS.

      1. Donna, They probably Hired Hillary to come teach them about deniability. Joe is just a rubber Stamp right Now for the Dems, If he forgets how to sign his name they will put him out to pasture and put HUK in there.

    2. Hunter Is Probably Involved with the Drugs Coming In.. Do You Really Think Ukraine & China Hired A Scum Bag Crack Head Because They Thought He Had The Knowledge To Help Them.. LMAO… If You Do I have A Bridge To Sell You.. Those Countries Have So Much Dirt On Hunter and Pa Pa Joe, That They Are Controlling Both….

  2. “Crack Biden” .. his lips move, the birds of truth and logic fly away.

    If he was black, and his daddy was not the “quid Pro Joe” he would be doing 20 to Life in some forgotten prison cell somewhere, with no visitors. Instead, he is a chip off of the old block.

  3. Both Biden’s, father and son, are the worst thing that could happen to our country.
    I hope those who voted for the Father are learning their lesson.Talk is cheap!

  4. I do not believe that color matters in matters like this. Hunter is a crook no matter how you look at him.

  5. Hunter Biden is the smartest man Joe Biden knows ?!!!!!!!! Lord help us ALL……….that man is so out of this world he needs round the clock care to keep him from accidentally killing himself !!! He is pretty much brain dead, the drugs will do that to ya ? Capiche ?

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but as I recall in the trial it was determined by DNA testing that Hunter Biden was in FACT the biological father!
    Now, if that is true and the facts entered into the trial are on record then we can only draw a single conclusion,
    It would appear that the apple doesn’t fall fall far from the tree!

  7. A family of corrupt lying pedophiles, backed by a corrupt lying media and politicians. When a man whom was stated by a white house doctor during the Osama dictatorship to have dementia as we all have seen can run for commander and chief of our armed forces and highest office in the world and steal an election we are totally fornicated.

  8. Phillip Owes above said “The apple does not fall from the tree “. That for this family needs to Be
    ” The lemon does not fall far from the tree ” because the are sour to the core .

  9. What is sad is AMERICANS are paying for ILLEGALS while AMERICANS are going hungry; no food but given to ILLEGALS higher taxes to be GIVEN to care for ILLEGALS & they cannot speak English! Get everything FrEE but it’s WoRKERS taxpayers who are taking care of their needs & our Govt ignoring AMERICANS NEEDS!

    1. For the most part these illegals DO NOT WANT to speak English; just take the freebies & run. I know some who have been here over 5 yrs & still don’t know 1 word.

  10. Scum bag, was probably drugged up high as a kite or drunk that is way he does not remember! If remember it would an unacceptable child. The kid is better off right now!

  11. I agree with Carol(previous comment), whatever you do don’t let Hunter have any rights to your precious child. The Bidens are not good people. None of them!!!

  12. The entire Democratic Party is crooked.They live off our tax money ,all we need to do is not pay our taxes,what are they going to do put us in jail there full now of democrats

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