Hunter Laptop Mostly Ignored by Media

Hunter Biden’s laptop has provided a wealth of information that is very damning to Joe Biden.

Outside sources have verified the laptop’s contents as authentic, but most mainstream media outlets do not really seem to care.

It was just last week when the laptop showed emails proving that Joe Biden has been meeting with Hunter Biden’s business contacts while serving as the VP, but the news never even hit the radar of most outlets.

But It’s Joe

Joe Biden is a liar… something he has proven to be true time and again throughout his career.

The media used to fact-check Joe and even chased him out of a presidential campaign once upon a time after doing so, but not now.

The situation has gotten so grotesque, and the media is so invested in Biden, it just continues to overlook and/or bury every hint of a scandal that comes along, including the treasure trove of documents found in Hunter’s laptop.

All I know is if that laptop belonged to someone with the last name of Trump, it would be front-page news, but it has been set aside simply so as not to undermine Biden’s presidency.

This is happening even though the latest batch of emails prove that Joe Biden has been lying about Hunter’s business interests from the outset.

That laptop should be front and center for a possible impeachment… but nobody cares.

You can read more about the laptop and scandals in the New York Post.

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22 Responses

  1. Everyone knows about the bidens. Why can’t they & i do mean both of them, be prosecuted! Prosecute for treason!

  2. It’s time we prosecute all the crooked politicians in Washington. No matter which party. We definitely need to start at the White House and congress

    1. Bring back the gallows and hang the traitors to this country – regardless of party. Color is irrelevant. Character and actions are what matter. Never forget that!


        DEMOCRAPS were always trying to Impeach The Greatest President Trump for no Reason.


        1. Because they are now the minority. Nancy still has the ball in her court. I’ll pull the trap door

  3. The news and the Democrats are corrupt snd they needs to be held to account, my lord look what they did to Trump for nothing.somebody stand up to these criminals

  4. A drug addict takes his laptops in for repair…and then forgets he did. On his laptops is proof of the vast corruption of the Biden family, and no one in the media has the fortitude to say anything about it. And our President, the head of the crime syndicate, lies time and time again to everyone in the country to cover for his criminal drug addict son and his criminal family. That’s just about the story.

  5. agree with all posts! The Biden crime family is worse than the mafia! And not one of them will be brought up on charges! Maybe we need another Elliot Ness to bust them!

  6. nothing will be done to Biden, because he is protected by those who think like him..were living in a world..where all accept that democracy is the answer, This is leading us into a NEW WORLD ORDER, that will open the door for Satan, to put in place the Antichrist as the head. ” Money, will be a big part in the coming one world system, ”
    Quote ” Arno Froese”

  7. So if that were Trump it would be all out breaking news. Bidden and his criminal family has hidden it for many years. Why hasn’t this been investigated years ago? Now you know, what are you going to do about it? Expose them to the world, so people can see what the Bidden family is all about.

  8. With all Sippy Cup Joe has done in his first 6 months lets Impeach him now. He is so crooked that tells me he stole the election!!!! He tried in the past to be president 3 times and failed. So he figured by hook or crook he would get it this time even if he had to steal it,,,,,,,BAD Joe…

  9. Do I feel a presidential pardon coming or an execution of the president call me when something happens because it’s usually BS that anything happens to these @$$wipes

  10. If our President (Trump) doesn’t act soon, I’m afraid there is a good chance of an all out Civil War…
    I hate to even think of that, but sooner or later the people will either say ” STAND UP, OR SHUT UP “Take it
    or STOP IT…

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