ICYMI: Joe Biden Circa 2014 Regularly Referred to Border Situation as ‘Crisis’

What a difference a few years make… 

Everyone seems to forget that when Barack Obama was president, there was a significant problem at the border in 2014.  

It had become so overwhelming, in fact, that Barack asked his buddy Joe to head down to the border and take care of things.  

Oddly enough, Joe actually went to the border, unlike Kamala, and he even admitted that it was a “crisis,” something everyone seems unwilling to do now.  

But Joe Said… 

The situation in 2014 did not really compare to what we see today, but this what Joe Biden said at the time… 

Biden stated that the situation, as it was then, was “untenable and unsustainable.” 

He then stated, “We also agreed that this is a matter of shared responsibility — not just the United States, but shared responsibility of every Central American country and Mexico 

“And I will address in a minute, but we’re all committed to take both immediate steps in the crisis and long-term challenges that we’re going to have to meet.” 

Biden would go on to say that he was “going to address the steps we’re taking on the immediate crisis in a moment.” 

Biden then echoed sentiments we hear today, which is that they were going to try to figure out how Central Americans would no longer feel the need to migrate to the United States.  

So, let me ask the obvious… 

If Joe Biden was put in charge of this “crisis” in 2014, why are we still dealing with the same problem today? 

Joe was apparently looking at the “root causes” back in 2014, and since he is now putting Harris in charge of that, I cannot help but wonder exactly what Joe Biden did in 2014 on this front. 

I am also wondering why members of the mainstream media have not yet tapped into this to put Joe on the spot regarding his exact accomplishments in 2014.  

Could this be a case of “All Talk, No Action” Joe, because it sure sounds like it to me!  

Source: Fox News 

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24 Responses

      1. When will he be held accountable for his lies cheating stealing and treason. He is not now or ever was qualified to be called president he’s not president in my mind.

        1. Well said. My sentiments exactly. It’s hard to listen to him referred to as “the President”. He’s done nothing but destroy our country.

        2. Howard That sure is the honest TRUTH!!!! Not fit to be President !! Vice President is also unfit !! GOD HELP AMERICA!! UNITED WE STAND!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They know that these illegals have no skills and are probably infected and will bankrupt each State leaving America a Third World Nation with the Democrat dictators in charge,

  1. Media is getting payoff by Soros and world elites. Money talks. Joe got payoff from China to put America at risk by his stupidity. Media just ignore it. They all forget that America goes down so do they. World elites don’t care about the people at media outlets. Just peons to the rich. Joe Biden is doing what he always did in Congress, racism and nothing. Wonder why Obama didn’t back anyone running for office? Because they were just as dumb as joe Biden.

  2. Joe Biden has got to be a hypocrite a racist for not letting India get on a plane to get to the United states why will he not let them get to the United states isn’t that what he said about trump the greatest president ever I my life time trump today is still my president Biden is a moronic plague with Pelosi and Harris

  3. Joe , has a very serious & dangerous mental condition & the majority of the corrupt conspiring COMMUNIST Dumbocrooks know that now , & that’s why they do NOT want the old Half Brain Dead Fool having the Nuc -Codes ! That’s the ONLY thing I agree with the Dumbocrooks on , the Old Child Molester should in no way have the Code , & he needs mental medical attention for his preverted sickness !!!

  4. The border, as well as EVERY other aspect of life in the USA will stay in an ongoing “CRISIS SITUATION” as long as the liberal retards are in office !!!! They are the ones that started this “CRISIS” and will never be the ones that do anything at all to stop it, it is the only thing that they know how to do, create crisis after crisis and try to blame it on everybody but themselves. ANYBODY THAT VOTES FOR A RETARDED DEMOCRAT DESERVES EXACTLY WHAT THEY GET !!! Why is that so hard for them to understand, DEMOCRATS ARE IDIOTS, pure and simple, just look around, we had none of these problems when Trump was in office, BIDEN AND EVERY OTHER DEMOCRAT ARE INCOMPETENT RETARDS THAT SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO EVEN HOLD THE OFFICE OF DOG CATCHER !!!! JUST LOOK AROUND, PRICES OF EVERYTHING ARE OUT OF SIGHT, THE DEMOCRAT GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER OUR LIVES, PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE IN TURMOIL AND ARE FRIGHTENED, AND ALL OF THIS HAS TAKEN PLACE IN THE LAST 5 MONTHS, WE CANNOT SURVIVE ANOTHER 3 AND A HALF YEARS OF BIDEN !!!! HE AND HIS IDIOTIC DEMOCRAT ADMINISTRATION MUST BE TAKEN OUT, THE SOONER, THE BETTER !!!!

  5. It’s taken the idiot 47 years to occupy the Oval Office. He has no clue what the hell he is doing and he tapped Kamala to be his vice president even after she took him to task at the debates about his busing when he was a senator. But never fear. When Sleepy Joe Biden decides to resign, we have the ever intelligent vice president to do even more to destroy this country. She sucked as the DA of California. The only way she was able to get ahead in politics was to sleep with every politician that could help her.

  6. Agree with all posts! When is America going to wake up to the fact that all who voted for Biden were duped. Just like the ones who voted for odumbo obama. He suckered the American voters with his rhetoric, they took him at his word, and look what we got. Now, this is obama’s Third term! Same b.s. different day, but much worse now. Impeach the entire Biden administration, get the ALL out!

  7. Americans today are gifted with lots of stupid and not much memory. Incompetent Joe Biden (also crooked and pervy) did nothing to fix the border then, and nothing now. The press does not focus on this, so most people are unaware. Most Americans today only know what the press feeds then today. No memory!
    Why did anyone vote for this dementia victim?

  8. I AGREE with ALL of the Comments!! Biden is such a perv, Does Anyone KNOW if he ever went to Perverted Island??? Has that even been Looked into or Investigated??? I REALLY would NOT be Surprised if he did NOT make some trips to SICKO Island!!! Joe Biden IS APPAULING and A DISGRACE To OUR GREAT COUNTRY!!! There IS A Petition on line to IMPEACH Biden for ALL of his Criminal And EVIL ACTIONS, Not to MENTION That He HAS COMMITTED TREASON!!! I TRULY HOPE That ALL OF You that posted Comments WILL SIGN the PETITION FOR IMPEACHMENT, BUT HARRIS ALSO NEEDS To Be REMOVED BECAUSE SHE WOULD MOST DEFINITELY FINISH DESTROYING OUR GREAT COUNTRY!!! PLEASE SIGN The IMPEACHMENT Petition!!!!

  9. So why wont he now proclaim Border area is a Crisis as in 2014 under his boss Obama,.
    Oh yeah Cartel cash right

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When Joe Biden claimed in late April that “we’ve now gotten control,” border officials were encountering the most illegal immigrants in 20 years.

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Kamala Harris has been border crisis manager for over 50 days.

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