Pelosi Got It All Wrong – Interior Department IG Confirms Lafayette Park NOT Cleared for Photo Op

We are about to find out how Democrats and the media react when an Inspector General in the Biden administration makes them all look like idiots.

Interior Department Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt has just issued a report that Lafayette Park was NOT cleared for Trump to have a photo op during the George Floyd riots.

This puts egg on the face of House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), dozens of other high-profile Democrats, and just about every major media outlet in existence.

Everyone Got It Wrong

According to the report, a decision was made on June 1 to remove protesters from the park to install anti-scale fencing.

This decision was reached after dozens of U.S. Park Police were injured during protests on May 30 and May 31.

Trump’s walk was not scheduled until hours after the decision to clear the park had been made.

The report stated, “The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the president to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church.”

Additionally, the police were not used like “stormtroopers,” as some Democrats stated at the time, because a USPP commander was on the ground and only realized Barr was headed his way when the crowd started to taunt Barr.

The report stated, “Protesters in the crowd recognized the Attorney General and began shouting at him.

“The USPP operations commander heard the change in the crowd, saw the Attorney General, and walked over to him.”

When Barr asked the officer if the crowd would be cleared when Trump arrived, the officer clearly had no idea.

The report continued, “He replied to the Attorney General, ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ and then hung his head and walked away.”

At the Time…

Now, when this incident happened, both Trump and Barr were raked over the coals, not to mention an apology that was issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Speaker Pelosi called the use of the police at the time something akin to “stormtroopers.”

She also ripped Barr for giving the command to have the park cleared, something he did not do.

At the time, Pelosi stated, “Peaceful protest is who we are and what we do. And do some other people come along and try to disrupt? Yes. But you don’t send in people acting like stormtroopers into the scene and evoking even more unease and unrest.

“He should be answering for what he did at Lafayette Square, a disgrace. So this—it’s really — he was like a blob.

“He was like just a henchman for the president of the United States instead of the attorney general of the United States of America.”

Here is a video of her comments at the time…

Additionally, outlets like CNN were blasting the entire administration without a single one of them actually vetting the story to find out what happened.

After the report was issued, Trump stated, “Thank you to the Department of the Interior Inspector General for completely and totally exonerating me in the clearing of Lafayette Park.”

I have lost count of how many narratives that were being promoted when Trump was in office that have been disproven since he left office.

Wake up, America… You were lied to for four straight years!

Sources: Fox News, New York Times, and New York Post

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32 Responses

  1. Democrats have not yet apologized for any of the hundreds of times they villainized Trump
    and it later was found to be all false ! If lying was a crime there would be a ton of Democrat lawmakers in jail !!

    1. If that is a photo of N-ncy at the present time, she appears to be DRU_K, maybe the Vodka got to her…..

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      1. Someone needs to drug test her. Her eyes say she’s higher than vodka. More like coke or meth. Biden’s son could get her a good deal on it.

  2. Most of knew the media and Pelosi were liars from the very beginning. It is a disgrace what the Democrats have done and still are doing to ruin our country. I know that God is watching them do Satan’s bidding. On the day that judgement happens they will pay for their misdeeds.

    1. Not Soon Enough‼️
      The Real President Should Be In His Office T0 Clean Up This Ungodly Mess These Criminal Morinic Demon-Rats Have Wrought On Our Beloved Country…
      Biden IS NOT THE PRESIDENT 🤬🤬🤬

  3. I’ll be glad when Polosi croaks . I’ll be listening to Ding Dong the Witch is D**d all day long.

    1. she will not be missed or honored, she can’t she is a disgrace to our community, a Drunk Bi-ch is not worth the time to honor

  4. Well you probably read the top of the memo from the head of democrat party that was accidentally released that said lie cheat and steal so why be surprised that’s how they win there elections they don’t even think they can win a honest election

  5. Pelosi got Trump out of the White House, which is all she wanted. Doesn’t matter whether the truth comes out now or not. Her lies helped oust him.
    Wonder how she sleeps at night. Evil at its worst.

  6. Just another lie by the Democrats in order to vilify Trump. So many lies that are now being revealed as lies but never a peep or apology from the dems or the media because they got what they wanted by lying. That is how the left operates. So many gullible people fell for their lies. And look what that got us.

    1. Katydid: Remember Stingy, Pinky, Lap-dog harryreid? His comments about lying on the Senate Floor about Mitch Romney running for president and Mittens not having paid taxes for 10 years?? When asked about that speech, he replied: “Well it worked didn’t it!” He is, in my opinion, a very poooooor example of what a member of “the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” should be.

  7. Nancy P. does not answer questions or remarks that call her out for who she really is. She deflects anything and everything onto others akin to an irresponsible teenager or cheating spouse. It would be a dream come true to see her impeached and forced to explain herself to the taxpayers. But then, she couldn’t do it.

  8. Well, you didn’t take my comments. Guess you must be one of highly educated idiots that only have book learning but no brains. Pelosi is a zero and has been for years. Why in hell did they put her back as Speaker. She cannot even form words. Well, it’s all in the plan to take the U.S. down. I’m so happy I don’t have many years to live to see that happen, but again, I do hope I live long enough, so I can say, “I told you so.”

    1. Ditto. And yes, she’s important in our takedown, the plan. Whenever she feels like she’s losing the narrative, she flips out. So obvious.

  9. Thank God the truth is out. CNN, MSNBC, all the media, some Democrats & some Republicans, should apologize to President Trump for being correct on many issues & not believing him. I had no idea of the fencing in Lafayette Park, but I’m happy it’s out. Maybe a thanks for the vaccine would be a mature thing to do. And Pelosi to call the police, storm troopers is insulting. Why are you not speaking about how YOUR administration is not solving the crisis at the border or you the homeless in your state? Maybe stop always looking for ways to hurt Trump.

  10. If you want to hear lying. Charge polosi and put her on the stand. I would never believe a word she said. Every time she opens her mouth a lie comes out

  11. Former President Trump should throw lawsuits on EVERY individual and EVERY organization that has falsely accused him of actions that have been PROVEN WRONG and have DEFAMED his name. Shame on ALL — GOD’s word tells what is going to happen to ALL LIARS !

  12. Question: Unfortunately, I didn’t note the source but I read something this morning about the border mess where kammie said she’d issue an eo… Does she think she can do that? Are we awake enough to follow this line?

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