IG Report: DOJ Employee Leaked Report, Quit

A recent investigation by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General uncovered yet another leak.

A draft report that had been leaked to the media was done so by an employee.

As the investigation was closing in, the employee reportedly resigned.

Getting Close

When the IG office saw the draft reported in the media, it immediately referred the case to the Integrity Committee of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency for investigation.

The investigative team concluded, “The independent investigation conducted by the other Office of Inspector General concluded that a then DOJ OIG employee was responsible for sensitive, non-public information from and about the then ongoing DOJ OIG review, including information from the draft DOJ OIG report, being provided on several occasions to various media outlets prior to completion and official public release of DOJ OIG’s final report, and that the employee did so without authorization from DOJ OIG.”

The report centered around Trump’s enforcement of the “zero tolerance” order regarding the border crossing policy.

The draft resulted in reports that were initially reported by NBC News and the New York Times.

The investigation uncovered the phone records of the employee that “reflected numerous and lengthy phone conversations between the then DOJ OIG employee and reporters at the media outlets during the time period in which articles were published about the then ongoing DOJ OIG review.”

When the employee was asked “to submit sworn answers to a questionnaire regarding the unauthorized disclosures to the media,” the employee “abruptly resigned.”

This employee was the ONLY employee that refused to answer the questions.

Even though the employee appears to have been caught red-handed, the individual’s attorney “denies in the strongest possible terms disclosing sensitive non-public information… with members of the media.”

Then why quit and why refuse to answer the questions?

I think those actions speak far louder than the attorney’s denial.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

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    1. Thins, the MSM, Big Tech and Democrat all say we’re lying when we say the Deep State is a danger to our Republic, just another example.

  1. The bidens are one of the most corrupt families ever. The Democrats make Al Capones gang look like choir boys

  2. THIS Government IS the enemy within of every AMERICAN CITIZEN; Constitutionally loyal and Rule of Law adherent which they are, and their GOVERNMENT IS NOT! And, there is a plethora of hard evidence to support that contention, They NEED to be indicted, charged and tried for a variety of offenses involving Oath Violation malfeasance in Office and dereliction in duty and obligation to American citizens the Constitution and the Rule of law. and, these indictments and charges NEED to be made where necessary: immediately , and before more damage to our Republic is done than already as been by these treasonous trolls and freaked out frauds!

  3. We knew, all along that this Sensitive Leaked information was done by the Democratic swamp rats.
    I just hope, that who ever it is gets convicted soon.
    And I mean no plea deals but prison time for treason.
    There’s no excuse for this to ever had happen in our Great Nation.

  4. We don’t have people in law enforcement in dc that uphold laws, they break them and then let the criminals go.

    1. Yes, and they are kissing the Dems a$$. It is so sad watching this country go down the way it has in the past 2
      years. They have turned so EVIL, it is sickening.

  5. I want to got to bed one night and wake up and find it is 2024 and Biden is gone and I don’t care where and we have some common sense and brains in our White House.

  6. Yes, and they are kissing the Dems a$$. It is so sad watching this country go down the way it has in the past 2
    years. They have turned so EVIL, it is sickening.


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