Illinois Democrat Mike Madigan Implicated in Bribery Scheme

The most prominent and powerful Democrat in the state of Illinois is also allegedly one of the most corrupt politicians of all time.

There is a long history of allegations against Illinois State Rep. Mike Madigan, but he has never been caught.

On Friday, that all changed, as Mike Madigan was implicated in a massive bribery scheme involving power company ComEd.

The Scheme

According to reports, the unnamed “Public Official A” was working with the power company to issue no-show jobs and contracts.

While the public official has not yet been officially named, by all accounts, that official is alleged to be Madigan.

This is far from unexpected, as Madigan’s alleged corruption has been well-documented, including the expose below…

A Friday press release from prosecutors stated, “Public Official A controlled what measures were called for a vote in the Illinois House of Representatives and exerted substantial influence over fellow lawmakers concerning legislation affecting ComEd.”

That description left little to the imagination in terms of pointing the arrow directly at Madigan as the allegedly corrupt public official.

The scheme has been in the works for years, and ComEd will reportedly be fined $200 million for its role.

Another Corrupt Democrat

While Madigan is “only” at the state level, make no mistake about the fact that he is easily the most powerful man in Illinois and arguably one of the most powerful Democrats in politics.

Madigan has held his seat for almost three decades and was directly responsible for both setting policies related to the energy company as well as approving customer rates.

After the report surfaced, U.S. Attorney John Lausch, Jr. stated the case “speaks volumes about the very nature of the problem of public corruption here in Illinois.”

The really disturbing issue, though, is that Lausch has yet to file charges against Madigan, even though he has clearly been linked to the corruption scheme.

Lausch did not indicate if or when more charges will be filed.

If Madigan manages to somehow dodge prosecution on this, Lausch will have hit the nail on the head regarding the corruption of Illinois politics, but he will be just as guilty as those taking direct bribes for not taking Madigan down when he had him dead to rights.

Source: Breitbart

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