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Impeachment Witness Lt. Col. Vindman Announces Retirement

One of the biggest thorns in President Trump’s side during the impeachment was Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Vindman will be retiring from the Army, citing Trump’s bullying as the main reason for his retirement.

According to Vindman, his career has been ruined by Trump and his allies due to his testimony during the impeachment hearings.

Impressive Military Career

I hate taking shots at members of our military because I never want to belittle their service to this country.

This is especially true when someone has a career record like Vindman’s.

When Vindman first entered the military, he seemed to be rock-solid.

Vindman has led anti-armor and infantry platoons.

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He is also an Iraq War veteran, having received the Purple Heart when he was hit with a roadside bomb.

Vindman was promoted to Major in 2008, then promoted to Lt. Colonel in 2015, which is right in line with the general standard (officers are required to be in the service for 16 years to be promoted to Lt. Col. as well as having spent three years in grade).

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Vindman was also qualified in Special Forces, having received the Ranger Tab, as well as a Parachutist’s badge.

After his promotion to Lt. Col., though, Vindman was assigned to the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, which his when his career seemed to go sideways.

He would then be assigned to the National Security Council in 2018, which is when he really seemed to go off the rails.

Testifying During Impeachment

When Vindman offered his testimony during the impeachment, it became pretty clear that he was not exactly a fan of President Trump.

Even though Vindman had a stellar service record, his time on the NSC and Pentagon seemed to show that he did not exactly follow the chain of command and may have possibly leaked information to his twin brother.

Vindman came off as an anti-Trumper in position to hurt Trump, and he quickly became an enemy of conservatives.

He may want to blame Trump and his supporters for the demise of his career, but from the reports I have read, Vindman was doing some things that already had his superiors’ ears up about him.

They may have been willing to forgive these incidents due to Vindman’s previous military record but now that things were all out in the open, that became far more difficult.

Technically, Vindman would have been up for a full-bird Colonel promotion in 2021, but that promotion was brought into question by Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL).

Duckworth vowed to hold back the promotions of 1,100 other Army officers if Vindman would not have been promoted on schedule, but she was assured by the Secretary of Defense that Vindman would receive his promotion on time.

Instead of waiting, though, Vindman has chosen to play the martyr and resign due to a “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation.”

Honestly, Vindman has not even been on anyone’s radar since the impeachment, so who knows if his claims about being bullied are true or not.

His retirement may not be the end of Vindman in the public eye, though, as I would bet my last dollar there will be a forthcoming book and would not be surprised in the least of Vindman has a contributor deal with a liberal network the first day he gets to take off that uniform for good.

If Vindman thought the attacks against him were bad before, wait until he sees what it’s like as a tainted member of today’s media.

Source: Breitbart

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