Truth Social Blows Up with 550 percent Increase in Downloads

Truth Social will live and die with Donald Trump’s popularity, at least initially.

The new platform needs Trump to build its base, so it can have a life of its own.

The recent raid on Mar-a-Lago put that all in jeopardy, or so we thought.

As it turns out, it only made the man more popular, as it did to his social media outlet.

Business is Booming

After the raid, thousands upon thousands could not wait to download the new app.

There are now a reported three million users on the platform, and it is still just a baby.

Technical issues have haunted the platform.

Quite frankly, I am surprised Devin Nunes still has a job running the operation, because he has been an utter failure in my eyes in delivering a platform in a timely matter.

For instance, while the platform was initially launched on Apple, it has still not launched on Android.

While it may not seem like it, the Android market dominates smartphones, owning about 85 percent of the market.

There is still not even a desktop version of the app, so they are clearly missing the boat.

Once Nunes gets his act together, if he ever does, Truth Social will grow tenfold between Android and desktop.

This is the only social media platform Trump has right now, so it is baffling that Nunes has been permitted to slow walk this, especially so close to the election season.

It’s great news for Trump that interest is high, but, sadly, they have not been able to take advantage of it by having Truth Social ready for its Android launch.

Source: Breitbart

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