REPORT: JD Vance Increases Lead in Ohio

The GOP establishment was concerned over Trump candidates winning primaries and not winning general elections.

In one of the more prominent seats where this came into question, Ohio, Trump’s candidate appears to be putting that theory to bed.

JD Vance is firming up his place in the race, extending his lead since his primary win.

Big Boost

When Trump endorsed Vance late in the race, even though Vance had been very critical of Trump in the past, he got the shot that he needed to send him to the front of the pack.

In the latest Fox News power rankings, Vance is projected to be in a very strong position to keep that seat in the GOP during the general election.

A telling sign of that was the amazing GOP turnout compared to very weak showings by Democrat voters.

Vance’s opponent, Tim Ryan, has a major obstacle to overcome in Joe Biden.

He is running a tough and disciplined campaign, but Fox just does not see it being enough to overcome the Biden factor and giving him the election.

You can see the full Fox News power rankings on Fox News.

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2 Responses

  1. vances opponent is trying to sound like a conservative anti democrat. u can fool some of the people some if the time but not Ohio voters

    1. Good for Ohio! I grew up in Ohio but am now in CA but miss Ohio very much in a lot of ways. However, at my age I am not going to try and move as I have no family left.

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