Insider Exposes Sick Media Conspiracy – America Disgusted…

Glenn Greenwald knows what the most corrupt group in America is.

Because he’s part of it.

America’s corporate news industry.

I’m all for capitalism, but big media in America has WAY too much power.

Providing information to the people should be something that is treated as an essential service, not something that is meant to be manipulated for maximum profits and changed elections.

This isn’t like other businesses, America depends on the media to know what the facts are.

So when they’re changing news stories based on what they think would be best for them in the future, that’s a major problem.

That’s why Glenn Greenwald is so determined to expose the rest of his industry.

He knows that his colleagues are doing what is in their best interest, not in America’s.

And he’s sick of it.

So are we, Glenn.

To read more about this story, click on the source here.

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9 Responses

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  2. We don’t need a leaker, the people who actually know and see it daily after 4 years of Trump, pretty much know it for what it is! That’s why I get my news from the BBC, they actually have tougher slander rules, so what they print better be true! Unlike America! they use the first amendment in the slimiest way!

    1. This Carl has bad news for carlb:
      BBC is a huge piece of the whole that Glenn is talking about. If you trust BBC, you are trusting the pack of liars.

  3. Who listens to the fake media farcebookmeta twitter with all those fake bots just like them google the cowards, Instagram all fake liars they don’t like the opinions of all the people it’s their way or your erased! All these leftist trash talk is them basically saying you not allowed free speech it’s only our way cause we’re so fking not so special! FJB! FSM! Let’s duche bag Brandon!

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