Iowa Governor Says ‘No’ to Taking in Migrant Children

The Biden administration just ran into a roadblock that is likely to get bigger before going away.

To this point, the Biden administration has been sending illegal immigrant children to military bases and other states for housing.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds just put Biden on notice, however, that those children will not be accepted in her state.

Just Say No

Joe Biden created this problem and Governor Reynolds believes he needs to solve it on his own.

On refusing to house the children, Governor Reynolds stated, “We don’t have the facilities.

“We are not set up to do that.

“This is not our problem; this is the president’s problem.

“He is the one that opened the borders.

“He needs to be responsible for this, and he needs to stop it.”

With that one statement, whether she knows it or not, Reynolds may have just entered the 2024 presidential race or, at the very least, made herself a strong contender to fill in a presidential ticket.

Source: The Blaze

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49 Responses

    1. I wish that more Governors would have the nerve to stand up to this ridiculous administration and say no to housing their mess. The dumb Dem president created this problem so I think only blue states should have to accept his mistakes. It is time for the Biden administration to admit failure snd fix their tremendous, dangerous,expensive mistake!!!

        1. Or take them to Delaware and San Francisco where the big cahoonas live and see if they like having them🤪😂🤣

          1. Hey, hey, hey now Pat. Please don’t wish that on the conservatives who live here in Delaware! We have enough trouble getting used to the idea of losing our trees to accommodate a bunch of rude New Yorkers and Jerseyites who are invading our state. I know it’s already blue, but with them pouring in, we don’t stand a chance of changing it to red.

        2. The only place they should be taken to is back to their own countries. They should not be allowed into the US until they are completely legal and healthy. Increments should also be planned out so they do not further bankrupt our already bankrupted country and our resources, both financially and emotionally….
          This Demonrat sinister plan has been all about ensuring a DEMONrat Dictatorship, and having us completely dependent upon the evil government.

    1. Hey Jane, agree 100%. I’m one P/OEd USAF Veteran who strongly demand only blue states should be forced to take them, No red or swings states should take any illegal aliens. MakeDemocrats pay for their goodies. Period.

    2. The Governor of every other state should follow suite!! Not unconstitutionally and illegally plan to spend billions of tax dollars on criminal foriegn nationals that reside in their state as does the Governor of New York plans to do. The officials in any state who violate Constitutional law are themselves criminals under the law.

  1. Good for Iowa! I hope all of the other states follow suit.
    What happens to the border states, are they then totally overrun because the exit door is closed?

  2. Every state should have a leader strong enough to take the same action. Send all these illegals to D.C. and California, and don’t pay for the care in any manner for these people. Let the millionaire politicians pay out of their own pockets. They can sell their houses, vehicles, airplanes, boats, stock-holdings or whatever. They are causing this crisis and they should pay for it.

  3. Agreed This is puppet Biden’s and his puppeteers creation and master plan As such, these victims of their devious operations should be housed at the White House, the Oscumas many homes and Prostitute Harris properties Charter a bus immediately and charge it to Biden,Harris and master planners, Bathhouse Barry AND his husband ex linebacker formerly known as Big Mike Those actions should be sanctioned Adulterous Jill can put out her cutesy heart cards

  4. Every state should refuse to take illegals
    They are criminals who broke the law when they came here illegally and should not be allowed to stay in America. No free ride we have homeless
    veterans that need help we should help them not law breakers who are here illegally

    1. your right deal with him the poor little children can.t help iy. He needs to be in jail Bless the children.

  5. OMG a governor who stands up for his state – DID U HEAR THAT Ducey?!!!! AZ being destroyed especially our border towns – illegals dumps at night – 300 in Tucson last night!!! Disgusting


    1. What makes me so mad is that Biden and Pelosi and Harris won’t go then that paskin stands there and lie after lie then she gets so mad that is all she can say liar liar liar saki the mule

  7. We need more state governors doing the same thing, but if you have a DemoRAT governor forget it they will welcome them regardless!

    1. They just opened up another camp base or army base to hold another 20.000 thousand people now what this will be the 3rd one what is next give them a state take them to Washington and let them lose Harris can see them and pigloser can say everything is in order

  8. We need all the governors in all American states to stand up to this idiotic president he needs to take responsibility for his own actions and not dump his responsibilities to some one else. It is costing the American tax payers billions of dollars. The is crazy if Biden only had a thinking brain and do his job like a good president should but he doesn’t and Kamala doesn’t do anything either. They are a joke ! She only knows how to cackle her laughter. They are not worth our tax dollars paying them to fail at everything they do. Americans are very angry at them for not doing their job like they are suppose to. Governor Reynolds I applaud you. Thank you.

  9. What does the governor intend to do if Biden’s people bus them all into Iowa anyway? How will she stop it? I wouldn’t put it past Biden’s people to bus them all in during the night and dump them all in the first state park they come to.

    The State Police can set up road blocks at the two Interstate highways that go through Iowa and stop them at the state line. What about the secondary and rural roads that cross the state line at numerous locations? There must be hundreds of them. I doubt that the State Police, even with the help of local police and the National Guard, would have the manpower to cover them all.

    I hope the Governor has a good workable plan and the resources and ability to carry it out.

  10. I think TEXAS neds to do the same thing! Send them all to the WHITE HOUSE and let them deal with this problem of Housing ,Feeding, Medical needs!!!!

  11. Send them all to the White House , Demonrats wanted them and the White House , so them to the Demonrats

  12. Great job Iowa all red states should refuse to take them.
    Send them to blue states only let crazy chi com joe and the demorates pay for them.
    not one cent of the real American taxpayers money for them.
    Give chi com joe a real headache red state Governors close your borders to all and see what happens.
    Biden has broken about every law applicable to immigration

  13. Good job Iowa. I hope more states follow through. I live in Idaho, and hope they do the same. The fence is around the capital building and Washington DC, is Democrats. This sounds like a good place.

  14. Agree with all posts! ALL governors should refuse to take them! Governor Ducey, are YOU hearing this? All border state governors need to close the border, deport ALL illegals, and sue Biden for endangerment of our country. But hey— he is following odumbo’s plan because HE is running this sh!t show!

  15. If Biden is so concerned about these immigrant children let him open the doors to the White House and have all these children stay there. What an idiot to think that every one is going to agree with Biden’s way of thinking. Not everyone is that stupid.

  16. all governors should take note and do the same protect the people of there state that is there oath

  17. Hey, hey, hey now Pat. Please don’t wish that on the conservatives who live here in Delaware! We have enough trouble getting used to the idea of losing our trees to accommodate a bunch of rude New Yorkers and Jerseyites who are invading our state. I know it’s already blue, but with them pouring in, we don’t stand a chance of changing it to red.

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Was he ignoring warnings on the ground? Or was he lying to the American people?

Kamala Harris has been border crisis manager for over 50 days.

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