Iowa State Supreme Court Sides with GOP on Absentee Ballots

The Democrat effort to hijack this election was just dealt another blow by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Iowa, like several other states, sent out absentee ballots with information already filled in on the ballots.

The GOP has maintained that this should invalidate the ballots and the Iowa Supreme Court has agreed, invalidating the ballots.

HUGE Win for Republicans

Democrats went after the directive that was issued by Secretary of State Paul Pate, a Republican, as unconstitutional.

The state Supreme Court disagreed, so now ONLY blank mail-in ballots can be mailed out to voters requesting them.

The Court stated, “In this proceeding, we are not persuaded that the obligation to provide a few items of personal information on an absentee ballot application is unconstitutional, thereby forcing us to rewrite Iowa’s election laws less than a month before the election.”

Pate celebrated the decision, stating, “None of this voter confusion would have happened if not for the irresponsible and unlawful actions of the auditors in Johnson, Linn and Woodbury counties.”

You can read more about this report on CBS News.

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Congratulations, Mike Carey on your big victory in Ohio!

It’s clear which side is energized about this race! Republicans turned out nearly 3 to 1 compared to Democrats in OH-15.

“To have these same folks today talk about the racist filibuster, it’s like they’re living in an alternate universe where no one has the ability to go back three or four years and see what they themselves said” - @votetimscott #RealAmerica

[email protected]: “We are a people who have fought, bled and died to liberate people from our original sin. We have been more interested in the story of redemption as Americans, as we have ever been in the original sin.”

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