Iranian Refugee Calls John Kerry’s Iran Meetings ‘Anti-American’

Ellie Cohanim is an Iranian refugee as well as a former Trump administration official.

She knows how government works and more importantly, she knows Iran.

When the report broke this week that Kerry was undermining the Trump administration by secretly meeting with Iranian leadership to allegedly encourage them to not cower to Trump, she had quite a bit to say.

He Did What?

These meetings that Kerry was having were not exactly a secret.

I have been writing about them since they first took place, but most mainstream media outlets simply ignored the story.

If memory serves, even President Trump accused Kerry of violating the Logan Act due to these reported meetings, and the media laughed at him and cried conspiracy theory.

Now that the Washington Post has reported on the details of those meetings, all of a sudden, it’s a story.

Cohanim, in part, stated, “What exactly was it that John Kerry was telling them – just ignore America until we’re back in power?

“It’s kind of unbelievable.”

It’s more than unbelievable… it’s treasonous!

You can see her full interview with Fox News in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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