REPORT: ISIS Plot to Assassinate President Bush Thwarted

ISIS has been after George Bush for quite some time.

As it turns out, they almost got him, thanks to Biden’s new border policies.

The plot, however, was foiled.

Making Plans

The main operative has reportedly been living in Columbus since 2000.

In November 2021, he reportedly did surveillance of the Bush home and George W. Bush Institute in Dallas.

The plan was to smuggle more operatives in via the loose border and take out Bush.

He had a plan to get Mexican visitor visas for the four assassins, then sneak them in over the southern border.

The same man reportedly bragged about killing Americans in Iraq from 2003 to 2006.

According to Forbes, “The alleged smuggler said he also wanted to find and assassinate a former Iraqi general who helped Americans during the war and whom he believed was living under a fictitious identity in the U.S.”

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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15 Responses

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  1. With the idiotic approach that Biden carries it’s a miracle that he is still around. ISIS operatives in the country should show him that he needs to secure the border. Maybe Harris was smarter as she got the hell out of there.

    1. My concern is with the southern border open, more operatives will come in and start to kill the President and former presidents. Our country is not safe with open borders.

  2. We warned that the open border was a gateway for ISIS terrorists. How much more proof do we need? Once again, an article of impeachment. Joe Biden has refused to protect the safety and welfare of the American citizens by allowing the open border. He’s violated his oath of office.

  3. Dang why couldn’t Isis want to kill BIDEN the citizens would have happily turned.him over to them and they could take him home and show their entire followers he’s eliminated

  4. I have to agree with some comments about what he did as President which was nothing. He and Cheney kicked
    the can down the road which is the standard of all our leaders. Cheney daughter must be voted out. Please term
    limits is a start.

    Richard Bright

  5. The Bushes, Cheney & his daughter are corrupt to the core, & so is the entire Biden Administration, Obama, Mr. S & his son. These people are all trying to destroy America, especially Obama, Mr. S & his son. The Dem’s are going to commit fraudulent voting again for the 2022 election. That is the only way they can win!

  6. More terror incidents like this are likely given the porous border that Biden and his nitwits have opened up ! Let this be a wakeup call to the administration to close this border now , before american blood starts flow due to their idealogically flawed plan against the american people ! The citizens will hold these demwits responsible for every american death !

  7. Bummer that this didn’t happen to that rino globalist pos George bush and take him down for the treason he’s committed on all of us and for the reign of corruption he gave us and the gd DHS tsa patriot act and for the bs 2 wars he got us into for 20 years!!!!

  8. I am all for speeding up the immigration process for new immigrants into America . They are human beings looking for a better way of life. But, open borders is not the way to do it. Hiring a few thousand boarder patrol and a thousand more interviewers is. For that to work we first need to finish the wall.

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