Coalition Forces Destroy ISIS Mountain Training Camp

Even though it may not make front-page headlines anymore, the fight against ISIS continues.

On Friday, coalition strikes took out three ISIS camps in Iraq’s Kirkuk province.

Additionally, an ISIS cave located in Nineveh province was also taken out with an airstrike.

Inherent Resolve

Operation Inherent Resolve is a U.S.-led operation that thas been ongoing since 2014 and has accounted for more than 80,000 enemy KIA and more than 32,000 targets being destroyed.

According to the report, for this particular strike, an F-15E fighter jet was tasked with carrying out the strikes.

Five ISIS fighters have been reported as KIA already, but the strike is still being assessed for the overall damage it caused to the terrorist organization.

In addition to the update, a video was also made available showing the strikes as they happened…

These strikes come only a week after another coalition strike in Syria took out three of ISIS’s current top leaders.

Ending ISIS

This fight against ISIS, contrary to popular belief, is not going to end anytime soon.

Even though the organization is reeling right now, strikes will continue to be carried out to ensure ISIS is unable to recover and reorganize.

While we may not have the same amount of troops in-country as we have in the past, the United States is expected to maintain a presence in the Middle East just for this reason.

Troops are now reportedly consolidating from smaller bases to only have a presence in a few larger ones.

In the Inherent Resolve statement, it stated, “The coalition and our partners will … maintain relentless pressure on the terrorist organization.”

Source: Stars and Stripes

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