Jade Carey Wins Women’s Floor Exercise to Take Gold

Simone who? That is what a lot of people are saying right now.

Suni Lee stunned the nation by stepping up and capturing the all-around gold after Simone Biles pulled out of the team all-around.

Then MyKala Skinner got a reprieve after thinking she had missed the vault finals. When Biles pulled out of that event, Skinner got a second chance and she cashed it in for a silver medal.

Now another gymnast has stepped up to take gold in the floor exercise, with Jade Carey crushing it during the floor exercise competition…


Jade Carey scored 14.366 to beat out Italy’s Vanessa Ferrari (14.200).

The women’s team has now captured five medals while Biles sits on the sidelines.

Not so coincidentally, Biles has announced that she will compete on the balance beam.

Either her case of the “twisties” has been cured, or maybe, just maybe, the team did not crash and burn as anticipated and Biles realizes that if she does not get out there and compete, the world may soon forget who she is.

I honestly hope that is not why Biles is coming back. If she did have a case of the “twisties,” she could be risking serious injury, especially in this particular event, with a four-inch-wide beam looming underneath her as she tries to complete her tricks.

I was just as disappointed as anyone when she pulled out, but I don’t want to see the girl get injured.

Suni Lee will also be competing in the event.

Source: Fox News

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