Jake Tapper Attacks Trump on ‘Derelictions of Duty’ Regarding Pandemic Response

Jake Tapper and many of the personalities at CNN are incapable of staying away from Trump stories.

On Sunday, Jake Tapper continued the attacks, accusing Trump of “derelictions of duty” regarding the pandemic.

Tapper specifically based his claim on a statement made by Dr. Deborah Birx, someone that has done an about face since the cancel culture put her on their list.

Derelictions of Duty

Birx recently stated that after the first 100,000, she believes the remaining deaths could have been mitigated considerably.

In her interview, Birx made it sound as though the number would have stopped at 100,000, which is utterly ridiculous.

We have seen how this virus has hit in wave after wave around the globe, killing those most vulnerable.

There are still countries in Europe that had far stricter lockdowns than we even had here that are going back into lockdowns again because of new outbreaks.

Now, has anyone noticed that pneumonia deaths have utterly disappeared during this pandemic? Could it be something that causes tens of thousands of deaths every year is now getting thrown into the catch-all basket we know as COVID-19?

Keep that in mind as you listen to Tapper discuss what he believes are Trump’s derelictions of duty…

Democrats politicized this pandemic from the very start because they knew it was their in to get Trump out of office.

Most experts believe that without the pandemic hitting, Trump would have won the election, some saying in a landslide.

If Tapper wants to point the finger at Trump, he better start looking around at Democrats and the media as well, because they played a far larger role in politicizing the response than anything Trump did or said.

And I am not saying Trump’s overall response was perfect because considering the circumstances, I do not think anyone in office would have been able to be “perfect.”

I do, however, believe that some of the moves made by Trump saved an enormous number of lives, specifically the closing of country in the early stages of the pandemic.

Between that and Operation Warp Speed alone, there will be millions of people walking around this time next year that would not have been.

I would also have to say that in the moment, neither Birx nor Dr. Fauci ever rang an alarm, quite the opposite, so if they felt that way at the time, would it not be criminal for them not to have spoken up and run to the media with the accusations they are all throwing around today?

Birx defended Trump right up until the moment the cancel culture got her and Fauci, while admitting to difficulties with Trump, also complimented the response.

It was not until the media decided to turn Fauci into a rock star and his buddy Joe got into office that Fauci decided to fully change his tune.

Source: Breitbart

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74 Responses

  1. The Democrats ran interference every chance they got, hindering the response to the Covid pandemic, and now they want to blame Trump?? I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. Democrats have been the cause of more misery throughout the ages, even now they are still sticking their pitchforks into the souls of every man, woman, and child, while they dance upon the graves of all they can, and still try to blame Trump. Unbelievable.

  2. Why do these dumb liberals and biased media continue to attack President Donald Trump even though he is no longer occupying the WHITE HOUSE/OVAL OFFICE? Why? ? ? That’s because deep in their hearts and pea brains they knew that as early as his 3rd month of occupying the OVAL OFFICE, President Trump has already accomplished a lot for his country more than the previous presidents that occupied the White House after President Ronald Reagan left. Thankfully, another Reagan-like President in the person of DONALD TRUMP came in 2016 defeating another crooked democrat candidate. And the democrats and biased media could not accept that a businessman defeated a career politician like HRC! And these liberals/democrats and biased media(s) hate progress and good accomplishment so they mounted a daily attack on the newly elected President who prefer to do do his job as Commander-in-Chief; worked for the American people instead of the elite democrats and activist and corporate executives. They prefer that the president they voted, do as professional/career politicians do, less accomplishment or do nothing for their constituents or for the American people. Well, President Donald Trump just like his idol- President Ronald Reagan- likes to work for the American people, worked for the betterment of this great USA even working for free… No other POTUS other than Donald Trump had WORKED FOR THIS COUNTRY WITHOUT GETTING HIS SALARY during his 4-year term in the office. And yet, these crazy liberals and biased media could not appreciate TRUMP’S good work and accomplishments. They pretend to be blind and refused to see the hard work this 45th POTUS HAD ACCOMPLISHED FOR THIS COUNTRY. DO I SENSE ENVY? ? ? Big Yes.

      1. Watching from across the pond I agree, although Ronald Reagan took some beating, eh mister Gorbachev? When he could keep it in his trousers JFK was not bad for a lefty. Beyond that from KKK supporter Woodrow Wilson through good and bad there has never been anyone like non-politician human Donald J Trump. There has never been a worse dictator/usurer than the head of the Biden crime family. God/Karma finally rewarded his 47 year evil lying with a sprinkling of dementia dust. I note that BinBiden says his son Hunter is th Amos intelligent man “in the world”. Your great country has faced challenges but can you really wait until 2022/2024 for Biden,Pelois to peg out and the rest of those dogs of Satan to fade away?

    1. One correction Lynn. Probably before your time but President Kennedy also said he wouldn’t accept his salary for being President. Said he didn’t need it. He actually didn’t. And I still admire and love President Trump. Best President in my whole lifetime. And I miss him so much!

    2. So well written and truthful! This country should be grateful for President Trump! All Biden and his cronies do is destroy and rip apart our great Nation! Have faith people..Trump will be back..stronger then ever..but what a mess he will have to clean up from our mentally ill that are trying to destroy the United States of America….

    1. JAKE is as DUMB as they come!
      Evaluate the situation yourself
      and Laugh Out Loud!
      When God said BRAINS, Jake
      thought he said TRAINS and
      he missed his!

  3. Why does anyone waste their electricity watching CNN? I don’t spend a penny on that station, besides what I have seen and heard is a barrel of lies.

  4. 60 minutes can’t be trusted anymore. After there hit job on Governor Desantis. All lies, everything they accused Governor Desantis of werew lies. Why aren’t they doing an interview with killer Coumo.

  5. They are all so afraid of Donald Trump is why. They should be afraid because most Americans favor him. We want to hear him and if facebook and others won’t publish him we will find other ways. Facebook does nor rule our nation.

  6. The only thing Trump did without the approval of Birx or Fauci was shut the country down. Birx and Fauci was making recommendations to Trump, so the deaths are on them. Biden, also commented when running for president, that Trump could have stopped this. My question to Joe, is why did you not stop the virus. You have done nothing related to COVID. Trump was responsible for warp speed, which generated the vaccine. Biden has only created a mess since he took office.


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