Jean-Pierre Says Administration Takes Whole of Government Approach

White House Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been on the job less than a month and she has already made a colossal mistake.

Jean-Pierre just admitted what most of us have thought for quite some time.

Joe Biden is not really in charge of this administration.

Instead, it would appear that the village idiots are making decisions.

Whole of Government

This baby formula shortage has taken on a life of its own over the last couple of weeks.

There were warning signs back in November and a recall announcement in February, yet Joe Biden openly stated he was not made aware of the situation until April.

NBC News White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell asked Jean-Pierre, “You’re now sort of saying that the White House was operating on this without the president being aware of or directing those actions, and so … I think we’re all trying to understand the information flow and the decision making when there is a crises that rises to the White House’s involvement.”

Jean-Pierre tried to spin herself out of this, but O’Donnell pressed, flat-out asking her if the White House as a whole was dealing with the problem rather than bringing it to Biden for a solution.

She responded, “Right, which is not an unusual thing, as you know.

“This is a very common way of operation, way of moving – nothing unusual about this.

“You’re asking me to confirm something [the timeline] and I was in my office, I did not actually hear what the president said.

“What I’m trying to say is that his [Biden’s] team – on very high levels, who run his policy offices, who run his department – have been working on this since day one.”

Jean-Pierre went on to say that is not something that is “uncommon.”

You can see the full exchange in the video below…

Well, first off, it is very uncommon that the current White House occupant would not even be briefed on a legitimate crisis.

So, we cannot help but wonder exactly what Joe Biden sees on a daily basis and who exactly is making the call to not update Biden on everything at all times, which is, after all, his job.

Furthermore, who are the people that are “working” on these issues and coming up with solutions?

We have all long suspected that Biden was not the one calling the shots, but for Jean-Pierre to openly admit that is the case, well, that is rather shocking.

My guess is that there will be plenty of spin over the next few days to straighten this up.

However, it won’t come from Joe because he is back on vacation in Delaware to celebrate Jill Biden’s birthday.

So, why the country continues to fall apart, Joe is eating ice cream and cake with the grandkids.

Source: Daily Caller

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