JJ Watt Offers to Pay Funeral Costs for Wisconsin Parade Massacre Deaths

Say what you want about JJ Watt’s personality, as he can be a bit hard to take if you are not a fan of his team.

However, there is no doubting his commitment to the communities in which he has lived and played.

To that point, Watt has come up huge again, offering to pay for the funerals of those killed in the Wisconsin parade massacre.

Community Man

When Watt was playing in Houston, he did a fantastic job during the flooding.

Since moving over to the Arizona Cardinals, he has already started a footprint in that community as well.

Watt was horrified by the massacre…

Watt attended the University of Wisconsin, so seeing him step up after the parade massacre was not a surprise.

Cory Jennerjohn announced that Watt was stepping up huge again…

If he were on the Cowboys, I would probably love the guy, but there is no doubt at all that I respect what this man has done for his communities.

Once again, well done, JJ.

Source: New York Post

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One Response

  1. Note to the Colin Kapernicks of the sports world ; this is an example of what should be done with your excess millions, not focusing on your imaginary victimhood !

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