Joe Biden Hints ICE’s Days Could Be Numbered

Joe Biden held a drive-in rally on Thursday in Georgia.  

We have all, by now, seen the video of Joe losing his mask, but there is another little tidbit that is worth exploring.  

Biden made a comment to hecklers that was overlooked by many but may have been the most troublesome thing he said all day.  

Give Me Five Days 

As Joe stood at the podium staring blankly, hecklers started to scream out from the crowd to “abolish ICE.” 

Without missing a beat, Biden suddenly awoke from his comatose state and told them, “I agree with you, I’m working on it, man.  

“Give me another five days.” 

Is He Serious? 

Some of the more progressive members of the Democrat Party have been crying about closing ICE for years, but nobody has taken it very seriously.  

Now, however, Democrats have the numbers, and they have their puppet in the White House who will cave to just about anyone that applies pressure.  

With the immigration crisis at an unprecedented point, the idea of closing ICE is terrifying 

We all know Joe Biden wants to flood the country with illegal immigrants and raise legal immigration caps across the board.  

He has halted the wall from being completed, leaving massive, uncovered gaps in the wall and has given the green light for catch and release again.  

If he stays true to his word here and abolishes ICE, this country will have officially lost all border integrity. 

If you have no borders, you have no country, and that seems to be exactly where we are headed right now.  

Source: New York Post 

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66 Responses

    1. This is all insane. Biden is a POS and he and his ho of a Vice president need to be impeach NOW for crimes they both have committed.

      1. biden has the borders open for one reason democrat votes He doesn’t care about us he’s a pos him and harris

      2. Tell us where to join to get rid of those two and a lot of us will join and combine to impeach them. We have to have a leader or some sort of person to be in charge. We just need to group —

      1. If there is anything left of the USA in 2024. Look what he’s done in less than 100 days with an ink pen.

        1. Absolutely, Claudia! These thoughts haunt me continually. I am truly glad I’m old and won’t have to live very long in a country run by Biden’s true idol, Xi Jinping. Of course manufacturers love the idea of Xi running this country, the cheap labor will be greatly beneficial to THEM and leave all others in a state of depression that will make Venezuela look rich! But the media better wake up, they will not be as lucky! Xi will have his own “fiction crews” and they will bend to Xi’s will happily for a dime an hour! Hoping America wakes up before its too late! We will be left with no access to fight back except for rocks and ssticks! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!

      2. Biden is just a puppet! His strings are controlled by Pelosi, Schumer, BLM and their Antifa thugs, and his Chinese investment partners. Connect the dots. True American Patriots must take back the U.S.A, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

    2. He needs to go. He must be stopped legally. Our borders must be closed. If he abolish she’s ICE that may be the last straw for Americans hopefully andthatthey will finally stand up and fight this tyranny. He and all his oaryn in crime should be impeached and removed from office. He definitely was not elected president except by fraud. We need President Trump back and he will straighten out this mess.

    3. I just don’t get it. With all of the violation too the Constitution this Administration is doing why aren’t Civil Rights Attorneys, Constitutional Attorneys, why aren’t they yelling about the violations of the Law??

    4. We can’t impeach him right now because the Republicans don’t have the votes. However, if the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, you can guarantee that this will be the first thing on the agends (and we won’t need any help from the Democrats). Just sit back and be patient. These “use-to-be-Rhinos” have finally woke up and now have a clear view of exactly what they missed before. I don’t believe they will repeat this error again.

    5. This is way beyond senile, this thing is a certified communist and his plans along with those behind the scenes to remake America. Their desire is the destruction of the light of those wanting freedom. The sooner people come to grips with this evil the better they can prepare themselves for what’s coming. Wake up people, Wake up!

    6. No chance of impeachment until after January 2023. That will depend on what happens in November 2022. If the Democrats still own the elections, like I believe they will, we will never again see a Republican controlled Congress. At the rate we are going, I believe that by the end of the decade we will have a one party system. The Republican Party will become extinct.

    1. Yes! All are doomed who place their hopes in man’s government. Jesus Christ the Creator and Blessed Redeemer is my hope and to all who truly trust Him and accept His Salvation. Unfortunately millions want His Salvation but refuse to obey Him.

      1. I completely agree with you Thomas Wayne Kidd Sr. That we have Salvation from Jesus no matter what happens on this earth. It amuses me that people tell us to get real when we have accepted the only plan that will save us from an eternity in Hades.

    2. Don’t say that, there is always hope that sanity is close at hand. When I served in Vietnam we never gave up. When you give up that is when you are doomed.

  1. Please put Biden/Harris in Gitmo and move forward.

    Please shut down the borders and deport 100% of all illegal aliens regardless of age or reason they want to sneak into the USA. There is a valid, legal way to become a US resident – if you choose to break the law you are NEVER welcome here!

    Reduce taxes, don’t raise them. How about a real simple tax system – everyone, regardless of income, pays a fixed 7% on all your income from any source? No more, no less and no loopholes. That is reasonable. No more gas taxes, sales taxes, corporate taxes – only tax is a flat 7% on all you earn from any source, paid at the time of payment. No tax returns – all paid directly to US Government who then sends 25% of it to your state. No state taxes! Only one very simple tax of 7% on all revenue paid at the source. No social security tax, no medicare tax, no taxes federal or state, just one simple 7% tax on all receipts.

    1. All it would takae is a Constitutional amendment regarding the Presidency. To me, anyone that is NOT born am American on American soil should never have a right to become president. That goes for Congress also. No one (like Omar and Talib) that is not a natural born American citizen, should ever have the right to serve in Congress. I know that don’t set will with a lot of folks, but who cares, not me.

  2. What can you say when you have an incompetent person ruining this country and on top of this he absent minded, just think were we will be in two years. ( God Bless ) this country

    1. If the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, they should immediately invoke the 25th Amendment. Then, that would make the racists Vice President, Kamala Harris, President. Then the Republicans can draw up Articles of Impeachment against her for inciting violence and remove her, and they wouldn’t need any help from the Dems. There are many avenues to rid a cancer.

  3. What a disgrace he is. As long as their party fills their pockets with our money, do you think anyone of them cares ?

  4. I’m one of 18,000,000 Veterans and over 2,000,000 active duty military personnel that is totally and wholehearted disappointed in the Democratic Party. I was a registered Democrat for 8 years and am now a Conservative for the rest off my life. This group of disturbed leaders are hell bent on destroying our Country. Vote them all out of office on their next election cycle. Thank You.

    1. Jim Thank you for your service sir! My husband and his two brothers (one deceased cancer from agent orange) are veterans from Nam. I will always love the USA and you and all your brothers and sisters should be proud you answered the call.

  5. It looks as though it’s gonna be up to the AMERICAN people to save our America and ourselves. I am no different, all I’ve done is talk too. If AMERICA and her people are going to survive this braindead, feckless, lying, lunatic, idiot we are going to have to stop talking and act. We will literally have to unite to bring the strength back to our America. Don’t for one minute think I’m not scared, I am. Just read a little history of 70 80 years ago and find out for yourselves what HITLER did. It will sound so familiar especially with what braindead is trying to do with our guns.

    1. I’m Ready and I’m 64 years old, I’ll be damned if I’ll let my country be destroyed by these Communists

    2. And that is the total and correct definition under the Constitution of a “well regulated militia.” Just saying. You know what I mean.

  6. If it was only up to Dementia Joe he would eliminate all law enforcement and have just the brown shirts to do his bidding just like someone else in history

  7. Biden/Harris are the WORST P/VP our history has ever seen! We need to keep ICE, get rid of ALL the illegals, even the kids! We don’t want them, nor do we need them! I for one can afford to pay anymore taxes for these illegals, nor will I be paying any! I really think we have to impeach both, get rid of Pelosi, Schumer & the rest of the Dems!

    1. That can very well be done should the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022. This is exactly why the Dems are so scared right now. Just in New York alone, over 2,000 dems have registered as republican. Their radical agenda is coming back to haunt them.

  8. All this has been planned for years China and Mexico bought biden they rigged the election and America is going to fall..Soon we will be The United States of Mexico

  9. America and Americans need to be put first. Our laws need to be unforced and our borders open to only legal immigrants. Trump’s remain in Mexico policy needs to be reinstated until the immigration policies are revised. God bless America!!

  10. President Pudding Brain strikes again.
    Can we say now impeachable offenses.
    Failure to uphold the constitution and failure to defend and protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. How much more can we tolerate

    1. Yes, these are impeachable offenses, but the Dems are not going to file such articles against one of their own. If the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, it’s all over for the racidal racists in the White House, the domestic terrorists Black Lives Matter, and domestic terrorists Antifa. All that’s holding us back right now is taking back the House and Senate.

  11. How come we don’t have more then a couple of Republicans speaking out about getting rid of idiot and his trolls? The republican party should all be up in arms and fighting the idiots. There maybe even a few demos who are tired of it too. We, the people don’t have the power to step into the congressional halls a put forth a recall, but, we may have to. We cannot wait for next election, it will then be to late.

    1. In my opinion, the Republicans should be on the down low about getting rid of these idiots. They are up in arms and are fighting by adopting State laws regarding safety and validity of the election process. If you remember, Marjorie Taylor just introduced articles of impeachment against Biden but it won’t go anywhere because they are not about to impeach one of their own. So yes, keep it on the down low and don’t reveal your hand to these fools.

  12. I agree. The illegal aliens must go including the children. We need to take care of our American children. Biden needs s actually putting illegal aliens on planes at taxpayer expense with no ID or documentation when we are not allowed to fly without ID and we are American citizens paying for our own airfare. And we have no idea where these people are going who don’t speak English even though they understood that dementia Joe told them to come. We cannot take care of the world. MAGA. ANERICA FIRST🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. WHY, has there not been any REAL BiDumb Impeachment move. A lot of talk, but as usual, no DO!
    AND, why has our so-called Congress done little or nothing along these lines; with maybe a couple exceptions? Oh; could it be they do not wish to jeopardize their “in Congress for Ever”, positions?

  14. Please tell mw WHY he wants a good Texas sheriff to head up ICE, IF he wants to shut it down?????????
    The idea that the VP is suppose to be the IMMIGRATION CZAR, she seems to be scared of her own shadow.
    How can you be in charge of something that you don’t know anything about , and won’t even go to see and try to learn??????

  15. Speaking for myself, I never thought I could despise a president like I did Obama. Now I know I was wrong because to say I despise Biden would be a gross understatement.

  16. Obama is running this sh!t show! Biden is in charge of nothing! He is obama’s Stooge, his fall guy. When the time is right, Biden and the ho will be out, obama and Susan Rice will step in” to save those country” and stupid Obama lovers will rejoice! He needs to be arrested for treason!

    1. You are exactly right. And when a President says on national tv that he can only take one more question or “he will be in trouble,” that is a sure sign that others are running the show and telling him exactly what to say.

  17. Please just let Biden the bigot return to his basement.He is the joke
    of the world. Not smart, not good looking, can’t talk right, old etc.
    God help us???????

  18. ICE is protecting the country and its legal citizens. Better to abolish the FBI and the CIA. They are both evil.

  19. LOL I love the poll “Who is the better leader Trump or Biden?” Biden can’t even spell the word “leader”!

  20. Comrade Joe is a f–king idiot, he doesn’t have a clue where in the hell he’s at, he simply does what the communist in this country tell him to do! The communist in our country need to be run out or jailed in Gitmo with the other terrorist!!!!!!

  21. Biden and his handlers are SUPER STUPID and are destroying America. He needs to be taken out of office along with Harris. Pelosi and Schumer

  22. The Biden administration is NOT stupid:. They are COMMUNISTS !
    QUESTION—-How much longer are We, The People (THE BOSS) going to put up with it.
    I think it’s time for THE BOSS to make citizens’ arrests and get rid of these INFIDELS.

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