Joe Biden ‘Insulted’ by Reporter’s Question

The big news of the day was Joe Biden leaving DC and heading to Georgia to tout a bill that has no chance of passing.

By the end of the day, that was secondary to who did NOT show up at the rally.

Along with several liberal groups expected to support Biden, Stacey Abrams did not show up.

When Biden was asked about it, he got just a bit testy.

I’m Insulted!

Well what do you know… Joe Biden is a snowflake.

The fact that Abrams is running for office in Georgia and is a major voting rights legislation advocate means she should have figured out a way to make this work.

After all, the speech has been on the books for about a week, so she should have been able to figure out her schedule, right?

We all found out yesterday that Abrams would not be there, though, with speculation that Biden is so toxic, Abrams did not want to be seen with him.

So, rightfully, a reporter asked Biden if he was insulted that Abrams missed the speech.

Biden responded, “I’m insulted that you asked the question.

“I spoke with Stacey this morning; we have a great relationship.

“We got our scheduling mixed up.

“I talked with her at length this morning.

“We’re all on the same page and everything’s fine.”

You might be on the same page in regard to the legislation, but to blow off an appearance by a White House occupant from your party, well, that is pretty big news.

Sorry, Joe… nobody is buying it this time.

What do you think about Abrams blowing off Biden’s speech due to a “scheduling conflict”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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42 Responses

  1. ROFLMAO- Let’s Go Brandon- FJB. Insulted??? If Piglet Abrams Won’t Be Seen With You!!!! LOL 😂

  2. The sadest tell of tongue or pen are always those that might have been. Too bad so sad now move on Joe come on man. Corn Pop is awaiting you.

  3. I am not a real Abrams fan but I think We may have one thing in common…I don’t want to be seen with him either!

    1. I don’t give a crap about another lying democrat, including dementia Joe. I’ve heard enough from both of them. Joe is really old and Stacey is really fat

        1. Dumb and dumber,
          Joe the “joke” Blinken oops oh well they’re both idiots and dumb but SA is dumber!! The demon-crats have no one to offer All are dumbos!!

  4. All lies and nothing more. When is the media going to learn that anything that comes out of Joe Bidens mouth is on big fat lie.

  5. I don’t know why any politician would want to be seen or endorsed by Biden or Trump. Reference the recent election for governor in Virginia; he campaigned on his own and didn’t want or ask for Trump’s endorsement. AND HE WON EASILY IN A BLUE STATE.

    The terrible problem in the last two POTUS elections were our only choices, Trump versus Clinton, and then Biden.
    Trump has some big political deficiencies, Clinton and Biden are just crooked and evil.

    1. And, if compared to thieving treasonous crooks like barry sotero aka .. barack hussein obama, clinton or biden; despite of all his imperfections and what not, at least POTUS Trump did not play pretend but, actually did serve and protected the US American people as well as our Nation’s interests.

  6. How many millions of voting Americans can be so dumb to not admit that last election was stolen by Democrats?? Now we have the worst of everything in our country. God please help us all and. Get Congressional Term Limits on the ballot,so as to get rid of career polititions.

  7. Stacy Abrams is just as bad as Joe Biden. She lies, and has been under investigation for ballot harvesting on at least three occasions. I say investigation only to say that those who were “supposed” to be in authority to investigate her was liberal DemonRATS. That’s why nothing was ever done to her. So for her to snub Joe Biden is hillarious.

  8. Stacy Abrams should stick to hot dog eating contests and keep her big, ugly, fat, gap-toothed face out of ours. What a mental defective.

  9. What a wonderful world this will be when these lying, criminal thieves are finally ousted from their respective offices. If 2021 didn’t make clear to the entire world that the Dems are inept criminals, I don’t know what will.

  10. This speech was as dividing an oratory as any thing ever spouted after the Civil War! The speech made it very clear that it is WE the PEOPLE against the DEMORATS and their minions for the control of our COUNTRY. There is no legitimate government left in Washington. It is the DEMORATS in a TOTAL GRAB for CONTROL over us all.

  11. A bill that violated the constitution,, is there anything he has done that doesn’t violate the constitution

  12. Nobody wants to be seen with the idiot!! Does not surprise me that even elected Democrats are starting to figure out how bad he is!!

  13. Biden is so bad that no American wants to be around him. Not true about the people he has been doing favors for like China and Russia.

  14. It’s all lies. Thats all Biden and the democrats do is lie. How do these IDIOTS expect us to believe anything they say? I SURELY DONT.

    1. It’s fairly easy to insult Joe Biden with the truth. He screws up so much there’s no need to make stuff up. If you’re insulted by the truth then you should know you have a problem. The Democrat party is the problem. FJB! FKH! Democrats suck! 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸

  15. Stacy doesn’t care about Biden, with her mentality he is just a good old boy and she is the Queen. If he is dumb, which he is, to believe her, he is worse off than I could imagine.

  16. I love your rhetoric, especially when its so true.
    Just thinking – Don’t jockeys love big fat women, because they can hide between the folds.

  17. joe stalin biden communist dictator o the united soviet ameria the word of some imaginary god creature on earth with divine rigth and absolute power simply dose not care we the people are only loyal subject not citizens joe stalin biden word is law that is why joe stalin biden issues excutive orders and mandates to circumvent congress and the senate so no debate no disagreement you do exactly what you are told to do or off with your head

  18. Likely she only comes when she paid for doing so. Since this is her pet puppy, the voting suppression in Georgia, she should have made an attempt to attend. After all she supposedly got him elected in Georgia.

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