Joe Biden LOSES His Marbles On Live TV

President Joe Biden once again lost control of himself on live television, and began shouting out lies.

Biden completely embarrassed himself by yelling about the future of democracy.

Biden, rambling and confused, then visited on of his favorite talking points about democracies backsliding around the world.

Biden is Senile

“Well guess what? In the last ten years there’s fifteen fewer democracies in the world,” Biden said

Then, Biden continued, raising his voice. “Fewer. Not More, FEWER!”

Biden likes to talk about democracy backsliding, often citing a Freedom House study that shows fewer democracies than 15 years ago.

“And as Freedom House will tell you, we have fewer democracies today than we did 15 years ago. Democracies are actually receding,” Biden said in April.

“The study by Freedom House tries to quantify the level of freedom experienced in a country, warning of countries losing points in their freedom scores,” reports Breitbart.

The 2021 study typically cited by Biden warns of 15 straight years of Democratic decline.

However, the study does not mention that there are fifteen fewer Democracies in the world. It’s not a thing.

Once again, Biden has taken to the podium to spew lies to the American people.

What do you think about this mistake Biden made?

Share your comments below.

Source: Breitbart

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115 Responses

  1. Biden is senile and has absolutely NO idea what’s going on. His dogs get treated better than he does; people around him know he should NOT be in the WH as Pres and, yet, say/do NOTHING as the country continues to being run down and, eventually, become a Third World Country because of Biden and his administration. His “people” need to wake up and do the right thing!!! (Which, I doubt will EVER happen!!)

    1. It is Obama who is in control of Biden. Remember Biden was Obama’s Vice-President, which is when Biden was being groomed to take orders from Obama.

      1. When are they going to get them out ???? Start hounding CONGRESS to start procedures. They people are sick !!!!

      2. Well that may be true but it doesn’t help Biden any when he is mentally impaired. Why hasn’t Biden been forced to take a cognitive exam? Our country deserves someone with a working brain, don’t you think?
        This is only 2022 and we have to put up with this until 2024?? I hope and pray we still have a country we can recognize by then. We need a new speaker first then impeach both Biden and Kamala and let that hopefully good Republican, not a Rhino, step in the finish Biden’s term and America could get back to being great again.

      1. That is certainly true but is it so sad for America that this thing called Biden is supposedly running our country. 2024 can’t come soon enough and we have to have voting security in place so this never happens again., This last election is such a stain on our country and must never be allowed to happen again and the Democraps will try again since they got away with it this time. VOTER ID IS A MUST !

  2. He needs to step down. He is not able to handle the job of presidency. He wasn’t able when he ran for the office and the democrats pushed it. I think that the democrats will slide downward shortly, in November, and the rest of the way in 2024. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They should be on a political terrorist list for what they do.


      1. Well, the first thing you have to understand is, Democrats are a criminal bunch, that subscribe wholly and fully to the dark lord Satan!!! These are his children!! Can’t you tell by the way they act, by the way they do devilish acts and try to impose them on Gods children?! There is more to be said!


        1. why carl is he making to much sense. these people in charge r punishing every trump supporter ,they
          hate him so much that he put america FIRST u see hate, talk and makr every american life unbearable. this is on purpose they hate trump and his supporters more than they luv this country, they just want to make as much money as possible selling this great nation to to china’ russia’ ukraine. a 10 year old could figure out there plane trump just got in the way because he got in the way. sick dems go to prson in cina

  3. Obama would be coming in the back door as they throw Biden out the front. It’s not a joke and I really mean that, man!

    1. obama likes to ‘ be coming in the back door ‘ That’s his ‘ specialty! You might be right on this! He and brandon, are filthier than the horse manure, I throw away daily. They will be ‘dealt ‘ with God when they come face to face
      with Him., and I can GUARANTY it won’t be pretty. Have a great trip suckers!

  4. Obama and Biden needs to be escorted out of the White House and Harris needs to leave along with Pelosi and Schumer, & Soros and the list goes on and on and on. They are all evil! This is my prayer every day that we will be rid of this garbage soon!!!!

  5. How much more to we have to take before we end this crap. It’s clear even to not so smart person around that our so called president is nothing but an empty shell. He’s not running on a full deck. Put him in the pasture now before he destroy AMERICA completely.

  6. What is it going to take to get rid of this sick manipulative person out of our white House and get someone back running our country like Donald Trump, We need him right now and the Armed forces should be relieving this sick fool from office as he is a mental time bomb getting close to blowing up

  7. The BLOODY BUTCHER JOE BIDEN belongs in a patted NUTHOUSE, not the Whitehouse along with his wacko communistic nazi Democrats

  8. Biden should be institutionalized for the rest of his life. He has no mind with which to make rational decisions so he must go. Congress needs to do their job and rid the country of a man that does not know where he is most of the time. Jill Biden of all people knows this yet she keeps letting him out and about. She is also a little touched in the head with alzheimer’s and needs medical attention. She is guiding him most of the time and when she is not around he is wild. She alone is responsible for him being in office pushing him into running for office and you see what we got. An IDIOT of which she is partly if not totally to blame for what we have in the White House.

    1. Jill Biden needs to be in jail for elder abuse. She knew Joe was not playing with a full deck. She knew he didn’t have the mental acuity to do the job of president. She just wanted the title First Lady.

    1. He’s still in the White House simply because no one in D.C. has the guts to throw him out of there. Even the Repubs who care about America are evidently too scared of their own shadow, or scared of someone who is really running the show up there.

  9. The Biden family is corrupt and our government is their family piggy bank! Biden has been selling his office for years with the help of his family! What he has done is not only theft but is TREASON! The corruption in our government is at an all time high, with insider trading kick backs on aid packages and blackmail all going to Democrats and RINO Republicans. Now we don’t even have elections we can count on because of the corruption! I have a real fear that it will take violence to weed out the corruption. I pray every day that it can be peacefully resolved but with Pelosi, Shumer, Graham, Medows and people like them (Both Parties) running things I am beginning to doubt a peaceful solution.


  11. JOE is a demented crazy man who needs to be put out to pasture and use Pamela to carry him tea and crumpets after she brings his morning coffee about all she’s could possibly do and NOT screw it up

  12. The Biden’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s and rest of the swamp creatures and filthy scum may think they’re above the law, and some may get away murder in this lifetime but not in the life to come. They will face a much harsher judgment and punishment from the Lord.

  13. I agree that Joe should be escorted out of the white house, I do not agree that he should be escorted to a a nursing home. I believe that he should be escorted to prison and locked up for treason.

  14. He is a terrible president. I blame Jill Biden for this. I feel sorry for Joe. It is Elder Abuse at the top of the Hill.

  15. How can this be elder abuse when the demo don’t believe in it.I’m with the lady above when biden talks,its a lie and why is he and the rest of his family not in jail ?

  16. This sick,dementia ladened man should never have become president of this great country and we the people can do something about it,but it seems to me that people are too afraid to go to work and fix this problem.Americans all over the USA are suffering greatly every single day—It will continue to become worst every day in all of our lives until we stand together and fight for our FREEDOM and our right given to us by our loving God—who is in control always and by the Constitution of our nation—–PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID –WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT LIKE HELL —WE CAN DO IT!!!

  17. Though many posts are 100% correct, all are totally futile, nothing is being done, NOTHING!

  18. Time to put Biden and the rest of the Democrats is Straight Jackets and locked up in the Rubber Room

  19. This is elder abuse. Jill Biden should be punished for elder abuse. Joe Biden is demented. Shows ALL signs of dementia. Our government is nothing but corrupted power hungry individuals.. money IS the root of all evil.. Biden family is corrupt with hunter biden in the forefront. Daddy too. God help the USA. God will have the last and final say!!

  20. There is not 1 Republican that has the cuts to do what is right.Why hasn’t anything been done to
    Who is the Republicans Party has the balls to do the right thing.Wr all have stood around while these people have just destroyed our Country.
    Thank God for 1 kid that stood up to them all and won his case.When is someone that matters in our parry has the Balls and put a stop to all of this.

  21. There’s no hope at all ,for this lame administration. From the top, to the bottom. It’s a disgrace to every civil minded citizen, who loves this great Republic. We are the laughing stock around this globe. It’s insane. Invoke the 25th Amendment. YESTERDAY.

  22. In addition to being completely incompetent, he is also a habitual liar. He always has been and always will be. He has lied so much for so long he is no longer aware of when he lies. He just opens his mouth and without even thinking about it a lie automatically comes out. It doesn’t make any difference that everyone knows he’s lieing even as he speaks. He just keeps going, telling one lie on top of another. If anyone dares to question him he becomes so angry he is totally incoherent. He stomps around in circles, yells, mumbles and acts as if someone has done something terrible to him. I donot believe he even has a clue what damage he has done to our country, nor would he care if he knew. This along with everything else shows and proves he has full blown dementia and possibly alsheimers. May the good Lord help us. He is the only real hope we have now.

  23. Biden is where he is because too many Democrat fools voted for him many times over the past 45 years.
    Never let any Democrat forget ever forget this fact. This same is the same reason fools like Pelosi and her kind are in office.
    It is the fault of the ignorant uninformed left wing voters. They are guilty period!. Rub their noses in it every chance you get!

  24. The biggest threat to America is not China or Russia. It is the Democratic party and all of its members.

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