Joe Biden More Than Involved In Hunter’s Illegal Deals

Not only was Joe Biden AWARE of how Hunter Biden was using his name for shady business deals…

The current President of the United States of America was INVOLVED in Hunter Biden’s shady business deals.

Anyone who has been paying attention has known this for quite some time:

Hunter Biden is a burnout, he’s a crook, he’s lazy, and he’s using America.

The only way you’re allowed to get through life living like that is if you have a lot of help.

Well, Hunter has had TONS of help. Almost all of it has come from Daddy Joe or the people that owe Joe favors.

Hunter Biden has zero experience in the energy industry. So why did nobody ask why he was getting lucrative position as a “consultant” in fields like that?

It’s because OF HIS FATHER.

The owner of the company would make a wink-wink deal with Joe Biden by hiring Hunter. As long as Hunter was collecting a fat paycheck for doing nothing, was Joe Biden really going to hold that company accountable? Of course he wasn’t. He was going to do whatever it took to make life as easy as possible on that company so that Hunter wouldn’t lose his gig.

I’m as big of a believer in family as anyone. But selling out an entire country to help just one person, even if that is your son, seems a little over the line in my book.

Most Americans would agree. Most Americans not named Biden, that is.

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