Joe Biden Panics… Cannot Find Mask

Joe Biden had a bit of an awkward moment during his “big” rally in Georgia this week.  

While standing on stage, Biden appeared to panic over not being able to find his mask.  

After floundering around for about 30 seconds and saying, “I’m in trouble,” Biden finally located his mask in his own pocket.  

I’m in Trouble 

Joe Biden continues to make a rather troubling statement when he is in public.  

By my count, this is now the third time that Biden has been caught on camera saying that he could be “in trouble” in one way or another since taking office.  

This time it happened when Joe appeared to get a bit forgetful again, some saying that he was again shown the early signs of Alzheimer’s 

As Biden came up to the podium, he could not find his mask.  

This resulted in Jill Biden coming up to help him look, with a replacement mask eventually being brought to him.  

As it turns out, the mask was in Joe’s pocket all along… 

Ironically, all of this could have been avoided had Biden just used some common sense.  

He has been vaccinated and there was literally nobody around him when he was on stage when he thought the mask was missing, so he really did not even need a mask.  

So, we have Joe Biden’s fearmongering backfiring on him as well as once again raising questions about Joe’s mental acuity and fitness right now.  

I would say that the entire appearance was a complete disaster, especially when you consider he decided to appear in a state where he just decimated the economy.  

Sources: New York Post & Fox News 

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64 Responses

      1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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        Made me Puke 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      2. Hummm what’s wrong with you. What a REALLY STUPID REMARK TO MAKE PUBLICLY!!
        You should be BANNED from public .CERY VERY OFFENSIVE!!!

  1. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Joe Biden is not fit enough to hold the office of president. At lest 100,000,000 voters know that the democrats cheated and lied to get Biden elected as the president of this country, Biden dose not deserve to be president and that’s a fact. Biden is nothing but a big fake.

    1. Hey, so when were you in Vietnam? I was in the Marines, 1968-1975. Was in Vietnam 1969-1970. I was a Tunnel Rat. Not fun.

    2. I spend time and consideration reading these commments and then I e-mail, call or write a letter to my representatives and congress ( M Kelly and K Sinema). If everyone who comments would write or call their representatives… possibly things would change. As much as l laugh over the name “O’Bummer” name calling achieved nothing, but writing may!

      1. Also written to Sinema and Kelly. It’s disconcerting to only receive a form email in return. My daughter, working in politics in the past, told me that they generally do not read them. I thought they’d have interns read and “tick” boxes relating to constituent desires but, if not, at least I’ve done my job. One point per send, each.

      President should immediately take over!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!! UNITED WE STAND!!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

      1. I agree we need Trump back because he is the only president that got matters done
        Trump is all for America.

    4. Personally I believe the entire WORLD knows about Biden and I believe they are laughing their tails off at US, we who allow someone like Biden to live in the White House. There exists no more stupidity and lack of character than do DEMOCRATS who seem to know NOTHING and who bellow like cows. Until this “non-election” I never paid much attention to the leftoids, but NOW I know what they are…..they are sub humans, not serving as true humans and determined to OWN THE USA.

      1. Totally agree with you Kathy, and you said a whole “car load of stuff in your statement. Thank you.


    5. Why is he still holding office and not in jail? Proof of election fraud has been proven! Some one please start criminal charges against all involved in the cover up.

    6. Thank you for your service and for being a TRUE American. I totally agree. The election was stolen. They know, We know and They know we know. Byden is a total moron and the vulture standing waiting for him to kill over, is a total disgrace to the USA. He has no idea what he’s doing and is taking orders from Hussein. He is as corrupt as they come and a bold faced liar. Ruined a man’s life saying his wife was killed by a drunk driver. It was a lie and he never came forward and said so. Morals? He has none. He and Jill were committing adultery yet, he can judge President Trump?? A pedophile and a call girl trying to run our country. What a disgrace.

    7. Thank you sir, for you dedication, sacrifice and service! My dad was also Army SF, he retired CSM and we lost him in 2001- 62yrs old from cancer from agent orange. I agree with you 1000%, I wish I knew what we could do to RIGHT this nightmare of a mess! Thank you again sir~! God bless you!

    1. And his family, especially his wife, should be protecting him in his older, compromised health position not putting him in front of the world to make a fool of himself.

  2. I would like to know who he will get in trouble with, because this is not the first time he has said this. He is supposed to be our President and it sure sounds like the far left Democrats are in charge not him. S C A R Y

  3. If the Democrats and Jill really cares about Joe Biden they would be stepping up and say enough is enough and resign . He is not fit to be running anything specially our country. This shows how heartless the Democrats are and that Bimbo that he is married to.

    1. What shall we be careful of William Lappen? You are correct he is the President, our misfortune……This country is going down hill under his direction…..What do you think the next four years is going too look like?!
      The thought of the future of the next four years scares the HELL OUT OF ME!!

  4. Good thing he had Dr Jill to hold his hand and lead him around like a dog!

    Way to represent the greatest country with a weak, forgetful, idiot.

    1. Disagree: I don’t think he’s an idiotic old fool I think he’s a diseased elderly man.
      He shouldn’t be there for so many reasons and we know what they are. I don’t understand why his physician doesn’t find him unfit to be pres and that the job is dangerous for him
      based on daily stress and diminishing cognition. If it were me, I’d be sent home to live quietly.
      There’s a reason he’s still there and I wonder what it is and also who/why he’ll “get into trouble” with???

  5. Why didn’t they put a ball gag on him instead, along with a nose clip? This man acts like a 2 year old out in public. Waiting for him to stamp his feet.
    What he would have to say would be something inane anyway. Nobody really listens to his useless garble.

      1. I really wanted to know what the “people” had against President Trump ALWAYS fighting back when lies were printed,spoken,televised,put out on “twitter” infinitem,ad nauseum… WELL,here is what i did to CONFIRM that all the “wailing”, “gnashing”, grumbling.was in fact a fabrication brought on by the Saul Alinsky media. I know some folks who REALLY did “hate” that Trump was responding (in kind) to the VERY fraudulent social media (as well as the “media” at large).. So, I met with two such souls and asked them if they felt it was O K if “they” were to respond (in kind) as Trump had done.. They both said no. so i proceeded to insult them and their families with vitriolic statements (far less caustic than those hurled at the Trump family)..Whoops, I was quickly threatened with bodily harm..(so much for honesty)..Guess we have a LOT of phonies who are duplicitous liars.

        1. That was rather brave of you. You already knew what the result would be. That is how they always react when backed into a corner when anyone uses their own words against them. It’s almost too easy! 😂😂😂

      2. Linda grow up and face reality! You know darn well that election was a FIX!
        Did you see the #’s of those who watched that demented man speak compared to the last 5 presidents? And yet he was supposed to get more votes in the election than president before him. We are not stupid but yet you go through life with horse blinders on. There’s a reason the Dems chose a donkey for a mascot. A88!

  6. If he’s been vaccinated and he’s afraid to go without a mask then why should anyone else trust the vaccine. They’re all either lieing about the vaccine, the vaccine is for some other twisted plot against Americans, or he doesn’t want to breathe the same air as inferior people.

    1. Anthony Manzo
      He and NANCY, only promote wearing MASKS to PROLONG this CHINA VIRUS CRISIS. Remember they were the LOUDEST BIG MOUTHS saying PRESIDENT TRUMP, acted to HASTLY there was NOTHING to FEAR. How the WORMS have TURNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Unfortunately, we may have to wait until something can be done. The Republicans MUST retake the House and Senate will ALL demoncrats voted out of office in Nov. 2022 then the 25th amendment can be activated to take Joe out of office!!

  8. If Sleepy Joe wasn’t such a poor excuse for a President, I could almost feel sorry for him. But when I consider how ineffective he has been in D.C. for decades and how he and his handlers have worked to destroy this nation I find it hard to feel sorry for he or his wife. She should not have allowed her husband to be used and abused the way she has.

    1. $$$$$$$$ TALKS Lloyd and you have to have seen “DR JILL” is much Younger than Biden…..SHE was his “babysitter” when Biden was first married….so do the math and come to a REALITY CONCLUSION…..SHE didn’t gain her PHD because she’s a dummy. Don’t think SHE won’t STAY in the POLITICAL ARENA….she will as long as there is $$$$ around to scoop up. THESE PPL who have all these “BILLIONS OF $$$” ARE BORED CAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN’T BUY…..with the exception of the AMERICAN PEOPLE….WE WERE BUFFOONED “ONCE” NEVER TWICE!!!!…..ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE MADE AWARE OF “HELPING TO GUARD AGAINST TOMFOOLERY” WHEN THE NEXT ELECTION OCCURS…INCLUDING WATCHING FRIENDS/NEIGHBORS WHO MAY JUST BE THE “PERSON(S)” called upon to diverse any election…..keep in mind “$$$$$ TALKS”….no excuse for ANYONE to be a TRAITOR!

  9. Joe Biden has been elderly abuse which is a crime! We all know that crooked Obama is a false president, he is not even a USA citizen. This is his way as being President a 3rd time to destroy our country! He and Michelle hate USA. His Daddy wanted the USA destroyed, so he is doing it for Daddy! All Demrats are communist! They created fraud in the election to do this and everyone knows it! Peloski is a pro at this that is how she has won starting with her election!

  10. Joe try to find your mind, OK wear the mask to Bed 2
    Meanwhile we’ll all watch & laugh
    & as the world will too.
    Keep the gaffes coming Joe

  11. I cannot fathom why this “person” who is waaaay to old to run this country is still POTUS and “WE THE PEOPLE” have not filed charges against him and the “VP” for stealing an election. There have been so many reasons to acquire this and be done with this “antiquated” person who NEEDS to be in a “Nursing HOME” and “VP” needs to be charged w/NOT DOING HER JOB TO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY BY ALLOWING “CARTELS” to drown kids/babies to attract attention. Shows how much Life means to these “Animals”….C’MON 2022 ELECTION AND FOR ALL YOU REPUBLICANS TO WATCH OUT FOR “ANY AMBUSH” UP George Soros sleeve to mess up the elections…..stand guard and ready to catch anything; including “fixing voting machines” like he did during the last election; I put nothing above him…..NOTHING!!!

  12. This man is pathetic and should never have been placed in this position. His family surely knows this. Anyone can clearly see it. He is endangering this country with his ineptitude for this office.

    I am sure the entire world is watching this calamity, some with curiosity, others with plans which are not good for this country or the world.

    1. TRUE INEZ….so many MORE reasons for “American Citizens to be aware and watch the 2022 election and pack as many Republicans into the “HOUSE” and “SENATE”…..the better this country will be and then we can begin to downsize the “Democrats want/need” to destroy the “United States” and hand it over to Russia and China!

  13. He don,t have a choice,with all the corruption in his family the left has threaten to expose him. Basically he is being extorted. His wife is a bigger fool than him allowing the left to make a fool out of him.

  14. Why do we blame Biden for his stultifying decisions when anyone (including all the Democrats and the Media) can see he is not in charge of anything except taking his mask off -which he can’t do very well either. the country is being run (into the ground) by his handlers-a consortium of Obama, Soros, Fauci, Schumer,and the teachers union) not to mention ‘Doctor” Jill Biden. Why doesn’t someone do something about BLM? BLM is giving all black people a bad name when that’s not fair! the time is NOW for responsible people of all races to stand up and be counted!

  15. Bathhouse Barry and his husband, ex linebacker formerly known as Big Mike, now called Michelle should be called the “Oscumas “ lol They thought they were not a big joke and disgrace to all genders and race

  16. It’s very disturbing that Biden has said at least three times in public that he “is in trouble” while looking very upset. Who is he afraid of? Nothing Biden has done in the last hundred days is more worrying than this cry for help. He is genuinely afraid of someone, very much like an abused child in fear of brutal retaliation. Someone should investigate this egregious situation.

  17. All thieves wear masks! If I had stolen something as big as the presidency of the United States, I’d want to keep my mask on too! Unfortunately, his thievery still continues everyday, because he’s robbing the American people blind!

  18. That was rather brave of you. You already knew what the result would be. That is how they always react when backed into a corner when anyone uses their own words against them. It’s almost too easy! 😂😂😂

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