Joe Biden Places Travel Ban on India

Remember the outrage during the early days of the pandemic when Trump banned travel from China?

Specifically, remember how Joe Biden said it was Xenophobic? 

Well, with a massive surge now hitting India, Biden has put a travel ban in place, but the media is either not reporting it or putting a much friendlier spin on it. 

The Ban 

Currently, India is setting all kinds of records for daily positive cases as well as deaths.  

This weekend a report broke that there were almost 400,000 positive cases in a single day, with some outlets saying those estimates may have been undercutting the true numbers.  

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the United States would be restricting travel from Indiastating“The administration will restrict travel from India starting immediately. 

“The policy will be implemented in light of extraordinarily high COVID-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in India.” 

The ban goes into effect on May 4.  

Circling Back 

When it became clear that the virus was coming from China, Trump issued an immediate ban on travel.  

He later restricted travel from Europe as well.  

Both moves were met with criticism from Joe Biden.  

He called the China travel ban Xenophobic and this was another tweet he had sent out regarding Europe… 

What is even more frustrating than Biden putting the ban in place is the coverage by the mainstream media.  

For instance, CNN sugarcoats with the headline, “Biden administration to restrict travel from India starting Tuesday.” 

This is all about wordplay, as the word “ban” was regularly used when Trump made this move, but Biden gets a much less offensive “restrict travel” tag on his travel ban.  

Instead of putting Biden on the spot regarding the comment, CNN instead did a puff piece regarding the aid the United States is going to send to India to help the country fight through this surge.  

So, yet again, we have the media operating as though it is an extension of the White House, which equates to state-run media.  

And, to be clear, restricting travel is clearly the right move, but we just want to know why the media pushed two completely different narratives and why Biden banning travel is okay when it was Xenophobic when Trump did it.  

Sources: CNN & Fox News 

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21 Responses

  1. Not surprising anymore. Media has kissed the biden agenda again! I can only hope that blm and fafa turn on biden and his administration.

    1. I don’t get it. This travel band should had been done IMMEDIATELY when we knew last week how bad it was in India. Why wait until Tuesday?? Has India stopped all flights out of the Country or is it ok just to come to the U.S??

    1. allrn, come on man, those are potential Votes, it matters not what they are or have. You see people, they see VOTES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And yet this COWARD LIES TO THE AMERICAN PPL & opens our borders our buses our towns our planes to

    1. Worse than a joke … he is making truly dangerous changes to our wonderful country. Gritting my teeth until Nov. 2022!

  3. biden is an imbicile. He should be brought up on charges and impeached for incompetence

  4. It’s pretty clear to me, the mainstream media is in Biden’s pocket.
    They no longer report the news, they report what the current administration
    wants you to think is news and what you’re supposed to think about it. As always, that’s just one mans opinion and opinions vary.

  5. That’s what I though bunch of communist cowards””The truth hurts doesn’t it .Wooses”You must be girls right

  6. Somebody had better kill these liberal fools before they kill every one of us !!!! THE RETARDS ARE IN CHARGE OF THE NUTHOUSE !!!

  7. Biden is Xenophobic and he’s a racist, he hates the Indian people and their country! He’s been paid off buy the Chinese who also hate India!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well, armchair problem solvers are great, we need action problem solvers. We need an honest government, the Senators and Congress that care about this country should DO SOMETHING. They are, right now the only ones who can and they are “going by the book” while those who hate this country are just out and out killing it.

  9. Mr. Biden…..Please tell us, explain to us, the difference between people traveling to the U.S. from India and the overwhelming migration of aliens from Guatemala, etc., into/through our southern border? They both have a certain number of Covid virus persons who can spread the disease in the U.S. by YOUR allowing them into our country! You ban travel from India, yet you INVITE the migrants with open arms? Does this really make sense to you????

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