Joe Biden Working Part Time

Joe Biden has the best job on the planet right now.

Normally, people leave the office exhausted and aged.

It might add a few years to his life for Joe, mainly because he seems to be out of the office just as much as he is in it.

Great Gig

During Biden’s first 18 months in office, he has been at home in Delaware for a staggering 150 days, and that was before this last little vacation.

Now we all know Trump used to go to Bedminster and Mar-a-Lago on weekends, but there was a bit of a difference.

First, Biden has already eclipsed Trump’s total visits.

Second, Trump was accessible to the media every day, regardless of where he was.

He got his morning round in, but then it was business as usual.

When Joe goes to Delaware, he literally checks out.

No media, no visitors’ logs, and the only time we see him is on his bike.

The last month is a perfect example.

Biden was in isolation for almost two weeks, and we saw him for maybe a few minutes each day just so the White House could prove he was alive.

Then he went to South Carolina for a week at a friend’s private $20 million estate.

From there, Biden returned to DC for about two hours to sign a bill, then left for Delaware.

He has been at his home for two days, and now he is returning to his beach house to finish the weekend.

Exactly how is he getting away with this without the media losing its collective mind?

You can read the full report on Joe’s escapades on Breitbart.

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