Joe Manchin Says ‘No’ to Biden’s Corporate Tax Hike

Democrats are hoping to ram through their massive infrastructure bill without the help of any Republicans.

However, they can only do this if they are able to get all 50 Democrat Senators on board so they can use reconciliation.

That, however, may not be possible, as Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has now come forward to say that he does NOT support the legislation.

That Would Be a ‘NO,’ Joe

When Joe Biden was elected, Senator Manchin promised that he would try to block any extreme legislation that did not have Republican input.

Manchin let everyone down when he approved reconciliation for the COVID stimulus legislation, but he does seem to be holding firm on this one.

The biggest sticking point for Manchin is not that more than 90 percent of the bill is going to things other than bridges and roads, however.

His biggest issue is the massive corporate tax hike that is buried in the bill.

The 28 percent that Biden is proposing is way too high, according to Manchin, who stated that he could support something around 25 percent.

He stated, “As this bill exists today, it needs to be changed.

“Bottom line is, that’s what legislation is all about.

“This bill will not be in the same form you’ve seen introduced or seen people talking about.”

Manchin then added, “If I don’t vote to get on it, then it’s not going anywhere, so we’re going to have some leverage here.

“It’s more than just me. There’s six or seven other Democrats who feel very strongly about this.

“We have to be competitive, and we’re not going to throw caution to the wind.”

The scary thing here, however, is that if Biden caves to Manchin and gets him to lower the corporate tax hike, is Manchin okay with the rest of this legislation?

If he is, the bill then goes through and we are still stuck with roughly two trillion of spending that will continue to feed Democrat pet projects.

Source: Fox Business

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42 Responses

    1. You know, I have stated before. There has got to be something that WE THE PEOPLE can do. I am not talking about protesting or riots or anything like that. I am talking about some Legal action for the laws this Administration have broken. Immigration Laws are being ignored. This Administration is violating the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 and our National Security is at rock bottom plus other Laws that are being broken yet noone says anything. Biden is supposed to be a President but he is a DICTATOR.


    1. You are so right but the BIG problem is, is that the 2022 election is 19 months away. Look at the damage this Administration has done in less then 90 days. Hold on, its going to be a long and dangerous ride till the mid-term election.

      1. Michael, it is going to be a long and dangerous ride, especially if no such mid-term election exists by then.

      2. Michael,
        The solution is to make the rich Democrats to pay for whatever damage they have inflicted on our country in
        their quest for total power.

    2. Can’t win with Dominion voting machines;no photo ID’s; Signatures; witnesses; hours ending at 8:00 pm
      Otherwise forget voting to be fair. It will always be fraudulent
      & with the influx of ILLEGALS taxpayers are expected to take care of while our children/military/unemployed AMERICANS are put on back burners!

  1. GOOD for Joe Manchin.
    Regardless of Party affiliations; we need MORE in Congress to do more / something, in Congress to uphold the US of A, rather then just pick up their Salaries!

    1. Hopefully the Senate will find more and more democrat Senators recogicing how destructive the infrastructure bill is and vote against it! Nothing to count on as so many Senators out party above country and shirk their sworn oath office!

  2. AOC needs to just shut the hell up. She is and ignorant POS and needs to be fired. Always stirring up trouble.
    Biden is a very sick man and Obama, Hillary and Soros are using this man as an escape goat and he is to dumb to see it. Kamala diesnt have a clue what she is doing and who picked her to start with. No one in the country likes this lollipop licker.

      1. I so agree with you on this and that is why I am sure they cheated~~~~~ Hopefully God will prevent them getting their way~~~~

    1. Right on!!! We agree. We also think that most of the Republicans have lost their backbones!!! When are they going to start to stand for what we voted them in to do? I guess we need to vote them out! When is the Supreme court also going to do their job? They should have taken the voting issue on and done their job and then we would not be in this mess!!!! We ALL know the 20 election was crooked. Anyone in their right mind can see that of course We guess those higher up are NOT in their right minds!

    2. She’s done nothing about the border crisis but is in Chicago today doing who knows what. They have all got to go. This whole Democratic crew has way too many corrupt and inept people in it; they shouldn’t be running a garbage dump. Nancy Pelosi alone over the years stole for her husband’s business, let alone Clintons, Obamas and last but not least the Biden Crime family. It is truly disgusting and a slap in the face to the taxpayers who’d be better off throwing money away than paying these fools a salary. Just disgusting.

  3. This crap goes against what they were elected to do. They are not taking their oath of office seriously!! They forget they work for the people. This comes down to treason??

  4. I’m at my wits end with this totally corrupt administration,I don’t understand why congress or the senate or anyone don’t step in and say enough already,these liberal demons are destroying our country and the longer this continues the harder its going to be to save it

  5. Liberals – always in for a free ride at the taxpayer expense !!! Every thing this administration has done borders on treason !!! Are true Americans going to stand for this ??? Everything, bar none, have gone again American principles !!! Politics is a game that’s being played and the taxpayer is footing the bill !!! In my lonely little voice I am against the spread of this anti-Americanism !!!

  6. i will give him a little pat but he needs to get strong on the other parts of the stimulus also. don’t call it infrastructure bill when most goes to social programs and only 350 billion to roads and bridges

  7. Biden and the democrat horde could have used the previous two stimulus packages to rebuild our infrastructure and thus create jobs that would help those out of work. this would have been a true stimulus package compared to what the democrats wasted the money on. it is evident that these fools are not interested in helping the American people nor are they interested in helping the American economy, all they want to do is spend money they dont have nor will they ever get no matter how much they tax us.

    1. You have spoken wisely and true~~ They are only in our gov. to ruin our country and to give it away to foreign countries and “We the People” are left in concentration camps ~~!!!!

    2. 46 years of DemoRATS filling their pockets; NEVER KEEPING THEIR WORD but education has turned AMERICANS against our LIBERTIES! Our FREEDOMS! Starts in K now people. Get in the school board. Start making a difference

  8. Come on DEMS Tax EVERYONE and EVERY Business right out of the USA. then you can feed everyone from that Money Tree you have hidden.

  9. NO TRUE AMERICAN could ever be in agreement with J. Biden, who is the Communist element in America! Jo Biden is not a Catholic! Because, he is anti- Life! God is LIFE! No one who is proabortion should considers himself/herself as a Christian! Every Christian is a PROLIFE HUMAN BEING- from the Womb to the Towmb! NO ARGUMENT! He must not goes to the Holy Communion LINE! One must try never to DESECRATE WHAT IS HOLY!

  10. Biden is the worst thing to happen to America and the people. I feel like corruption is all America has to offer.l

  11. Joe Biden is not fit mentally or physically to run this country and neither are the people who are advising him are no better. This is not communist China and if they like that type of government nobody is keeping them here. Better that then they stick around to go to GITMO.
    REPUBLICANS, GET SOME BACKBONE! Start fighting, yelling. Get the IRS to investigate some of these people. Get the GAO after Biden and his ridiculous spending. He’s acting like it’s free drinks at the bar.

  12. Forget GITMO , get those mothball ships load them up and …. DROP ANCHOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC with all those NASTY BIDING FOLLOWERS ON IT AND FEED THEM CRACKERS AND SALT WATER ……dam !!!!!

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