John Fetterman Collapsing in Polls

It was only about a month ago that John Fetterman enjoyed a double-digit lead in the PA Senate race.

That lead has all but dissipated.

The latest polling now has Mehmet Oz within five points, and there are several reasons why.

The Collapse

First and foremost, voters are finally getting a better look at the hoodie buffoon now that he is back on the campaign trail.

Why this man continues to wear hoodies in 90-degree weather is beyond me, but I guess it is his insistence that he is just an everyday guy.

That aside, Fetterman is still clearly impacted by his stroke, struggling to put together coherent sentences since returning to the trail.

Here are his two most recent appearances…

He sounds a lot like Joe Biden, doesn’t he?

This has led to local papers questioning his health and opening up a new line of attack by Oz.

Trump-backed Oz stated, “John Fetterman is either healthy and he’s dodging the debate because he does not want to answer for his radical left positions, or he’s too sick to participate in the debate.”

Fetterman has since agreed to do a debate, but he is putting it off until October.

This will give him more time to recover as well as allow early voting to begin before he gets embarrassed.

Another reason is we are starting to see people do deep dives into Fetterman’s record and that of his staff.

Fetterman press secretary Emilia Winter Rowland is a particular problem, with her Twitter account giving conservatives plenty of ammo to attack.

Here are just a few of the reports on that front…

She also tweeted, “I’ll just keep telling myself that the zit between my eyes makes me look like an Indian princess.”

They also talked about calling their new truck “barack” because it was black.

Celeste Trusty, who Fetterman appointed as Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons secretary this year, is also a problem.

Trust has called Mumia Abu-Jamal her “buddy.”

This is a case I am rather passionate about, having lived in Philadelphia at the time as well as having a brother and numerous friends that are police officers.

Abu-Jamal stood over a Philadelphia cop and emptied his gun on him.

He had escaped the death penalty for years, with the state finally giving up on trying to put the needle in his arm.

I am not a fan of Oz, but I have no choice but to root for him to prevent this radical from getting into power.

Sources: Breitbart & New York Post

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9 Responses

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  2. Fetterbrain will be a perfect match for Biden and Harris in DC. They can all get together and all make incoherent speeches together and have the brainless liberals applaud even if they have no idea what they are saying. I can’t believe how low we have fallen in just a little more than a year. Imagine where we will be in another year and a half IF we still exist as a nation. I am not joking.

    1. I know you are not joking Hank. I was at my dentist office Friday and all he kept saying is what is happening to our country. It is crazy. We must be out in number this November. There is no way in hell these crazy should win unless they cheat again and be sure they better not try it again.

  3. this klingon has proven himself to be as useless as his ads. Blaming NAFTA (signed by clinton), blaming congressional insider trading (pelosi), As usual these liberal fools have no clue what they are talking about and having this racists political advisor should sink him for sure.

  4. I used to think the average Pennsylvanian had voting integrity and generally had quality candidates but this silver spooned idiot is totally worthless

  5. I may not vote for Fetterman, but I do have sympathy for the family of a stroke victim. No, I don’t think he should be campaigning, Now to my point. When I opened up my e-mail and saw that Fetterman was collapsing, the first thing I thought was, he had another stroke. Then when I read on, I saw he was collapsing in the polls, I was angry. You could have chosen your words a better way. It won’t change my vote, but I hope he gets better and stops campaigning. Try being a little better at choosing your headlines. Thanks for listening

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