Journalist Peter Schweizer Drops Biden Bombshell on Hannity

Peter Schweizer is arguably the best investigative journalist in politics.

He digs where nobody else will dig and he turns up the nasty scandals that everyone else is afraid to report.

He has done it again, exposing that all the big deals that made many of the Bidens rich happened only AFTER Joe Biden got his hands on foreign policy of the United States.

When It All Changed

No matter how you slice it, Joe Biden and his family, at the very least, were involved in some unscrupulous, possibly unethical and/or illegal activity during Joe Biden’s political career.

There was some questionable activity when Joe Biden was a Senator, but the real bombshells hit once Joe Biden became vice president, which makes perfect sense.

As far as Biden was concerned at the time, his career was going to be over on inauguration day 2017, so why not cash in, right?

Schweizer stated, “Not only did Hunter Biden, and in some cases, Joe Biden’s brothers, who also got foreign deals, not have any experience or expertise in these deals that they struck.

“It’s really stunning, Sean, all of these deals happened while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.

“They didn’t happen before. They didn’t happen all the other time that Joe Biden was around.

“It only happened once he became a central player in American foreign policy.”

Unethical Is Not Necessarily Illegal

Joe Biden has been very careful to say that he never accepted money from a foreign entity and Hunter Biden did nothing illegal, but that does not mean it was not wrong.

However, do not confuse that with doing something unethical, such as alerting family members of new policies and legislation so they could position themselves properly to cash in.

My personal belief is that Joe is in this neck-deep, however, I am not so naïve that I think Joe’s fellow politicians will actually expose him.

I think if we dig into every member of the House and Senate, we will find about 50 to 60 percent of the current inhabitants are doing the same things Joe Biden did when he was there.

Source: Breitbart

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