Joy Behar Has On-Air Meltdown Over GOP’s Kim Klacik Comments

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a liberal have an absolute meltdown on national TV.

That is exactly what happened to The View’s Joy Behar when she was called out for wearing blackface by GOP hopeful Kimberly Klacik.

Behar just completely snapped, as did another member of the panel, and it was all happening on live TV.

When It All Goes Wrong…

When a conservative goes on The View, he or she knows they have to be ready for anything.

Behar thought she would be able to blindside Klacik, but Klacik was ready and triggered the liberal host in about ten seconds.

Klacik was being drilled about Woodward’s comments about Trump downplaying the virus in the early days of the pandemic.

She responded, “First of all, I think that we didn’t handle the pandemic as a country great as a whole.

“This is why I talk about bring [sic] the biotech industry right back to the Baltimore city port.

“We’ve allowed a lot of jobs and manufacturing to go overseas thanks to NAFTA in the Bill Clinton administration and that’s why [Trump’s] pulling it back.

“Had we had that medical equipment industry here, we probably would have been more equipped to better handle the pandemic.”

Behar then jumped in, stating, “Excuse me, I have to say something to you.

“He told Bob Woodward that it was a very serious issue and it’s airborne and that it was terrible.

“And then he went out and told the American people, ‘Don’t wear masks, it’s all going to go away.’ (Trump never told the American people NOT to wear masks. He was actually suggesting wearing a scarf as a face covering early in on the pandemic if people did not have masks.)

“You have to put some blame on your president. I’m sorry, you’re putting it on something extraneous here. Talk to the point, please.”

This is when Klacik dropped a bombshell on Behar and she went absolutely mental…

This is far from the first time Behar has been triggered when a Republican was on the show.

In case you missed it, she lost her mind when Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle stopped by…

Keep inviting conservatives on the show, Joy, because we all love seeing you make a complete fool of yourself.

You can read more about this on Fox News.

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