Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate for California Prisons

Governor Newsom and his fellow Democrats took a massive hit on Friday.

An order was issued on Friday by a federal appeals court to temporarily block a vaccine mandate that had been put in place.

For now, prison workers will not be forced to take the vaccine, which is a crushing blow to Biden’s quest to force all federal workers to be forced to take the jab.

Not So Fast

The initial order had been given by U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar, who, at the time, stated, “Once the virus enters a facility, it is very difficult to contain, and the dominant route by which it enters a prison is through infected staff.”

The very powerful California Correctional Peace Officers Association will surely celebrate the order, having previously argued that the mandate could create a massive shortage of workers in the prison system.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals shockingly approved the stay for the request.

Courts thus far have been very favorable and the fact this appeal was being made in a liberal stronghold had most of us believing the outcome had been preordained.

For now, the mandate has been halted, with the deadline for opening briefs having been expedited to December 13.

Initially, the new mandate was to go into effect on January 12, but that will clearly be delayed.

Even with briefs being expedited, the actual hearing will not be scheduled until the spring, so prison workers should have at least four months before they have to worry about losing their jobs over the mandate.

Needless to say, the decision did not sit well with the liberal powers that be.

Don Specter, director of the nonprofit Prison Law Office, stated that the new court order “puts both the prison staff and the incarcerated population at greater risk of infection.”

Since the pandemic’s beginning, there have been 242 deaths reported from the more than 50,000 positive cases of COVID in the prison system.

Just in case you were curious, that is less than half of one percent mortality rate.

That is what all the fuss is about.

The fact his entire country is still polarized by this when the mortality rate is now ridiculously low shows just how far Democrats will go to push a narrative to keep power.

Source: Fox News

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