Judge Denies DOJ Attempt to Block Trump Affidavit

Judge Bruce Reinhart seems to understand that his future is tied to the raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home just as much as Merrick Garland.

He believes the warrant for the raid was justified based on the information he was given, which is what we would expect to hear from a judge.

Unlike the DOJ, Reinhart now demands transparency so the American people can judge this for themselves.


While I believe Garland carefully selected Reinhart to sign off on his warrant, we have seen judges manipulated before with misinformation.

There seems to be a small FISA warrant scandal in our recent past that is along those lines.

So, the judge is looking to clear his name, at least on the issue of why he signed the warrant.

In denying the DOJ its secrecy, he stated, “The Government argues that even requiring it to redact portions of the Affidavit that could not reveal agent identities or investigative sources and methods imposes an undue burden on its resources and sets a precedent that could be disruptive and burdensome in future cases.

“I do not need to reach the question of whether, in some other case, these concerns could justify denying public access; they very well might.

“Particularly given the intense public and historical interest in an unprecedented search of a former President’s residence, the Government has not yet shown that these administrative concerns are sufficient to justify sealing.”

The DOJ now has until Thursday at noon to respond with its suggested redactions, and I am going to guess they will be significant.

Government prosecutor Jay Bratt is taking the narrative that witnesses will now be in danger, stating, “This is not a precedent we want to set.

“The government is very concerned about the safety of witnesses in this case.”

So, remove all their names, but we need to see why the FBI raided a former president’s home.

You don’t get to hide behind this prosecutorial curtain any longer.

Source: Fox News

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40 Responses

  1. The DOJ claims it is concerned for the safety of the witnesses. That’s bullcrap. Only the Clinton’s have their witnesses killed.

    1. Judge Reinhart needs to face the federal judicial ethics committee for his ignorance of the 4th Amendment, looking toward expulsion from the bench. He should have never signed that search warrant in the first place.

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  2. Strange but Trump nor his staff more than likely did not know what was in the boxes. Neither Trump nor his staff packed the boxes. Boxes were packed and transported by the GSA.

    1. I agree. If the documents were so sensitive why were they not transported to a secure location instead of to Trump’s residence?

      1. The boxes were secure with Federal agents protecting them. All boxes were locked up and the FBI was in to look at them a week prior to the invasion of the Presidents home. Oboma took 3 million documents and has not to this day allowed anyone to see what he stole. Clinton has not allowed anyone to see what he took and has not returned much of the antiques he and the witch took from the Whitehouse. So get over it, besides all of the documents were declared non secret.
        You have witnessed a Communist raid such as what the 87000 armed and demented IRS agents will do to all of us if we don’t give them cash to keep from killing us.

      2. Who would have access to all these documents? No one can simply have free access. There are Secret Service Agents protecting that place!

        FBI didn’t worry about all the Top Secret and SCI material that HRC mishandled on her unauthorized and unsecure personal server!

        Comey himself stated that no reasonal prosecutor would prosecute HRC! That’s a reflection of Comey’s personal bias, double standard and incompetence under DOJ Lynch and President Obama!

        Obama, Lynch and Comey all put our country at risk by ignoring HRC crimes!

  3. The shame that Biden brought on America goes beyond words. Biden activated the Gestapo branch of the FBI to do his bidding. Biden, the Democrats and the FBI will go down in history as one evil blow against America’s Freedom.

    The evil FBI Gestapo has brought another blow against the America’s history of Freedom. They, the Democrats should be punished for this crime against America . . . now. Anyone that does not believe this evil act by Biden and his Gestapo FBI is a crime against America – should look in the mirror and say “this is not a crime”.

    1. Seems the FBI may have been trying to take and destroy documents that would implicate them in the fraud against president trump in the prior fake charges against him. CYA???

  4. The judge is just toying with this they picked him for a reason and now he will say that he can’t release it because it will hurt there investigation watch and see they have nothing if they do than so be it but we will never see it just like all the other lies that they have told I won’t believe them

  5. Trump did nothing wrong a man innocent. Nothing crime is former president Trump past 4 years. Americans need him back to be president again. Stop FBI raid and Biden president, Marriott Garland criminal leak, they lair.

    1. I call Garland, Gestspo Garland, cause he was the one who authorized it politically & with evil Devilish intent!

  6. When the current president thinks he can weaponize the various departments to the point of ARMING and TRAINING them to KILL, while only being LOYAL to the current president, NOT the COUNTRY or even under the control of the DOD, we have a problem.
    When this current president (?) thinks he can raid and ransack the personal home of a previous President simply because he is a POLITICAL THREAT, using his private army, this is TREASON, and an attempt to overthrow the current Democratic Republic of the United States.

  7. Biden’s criminal enterprise continues. Only Trump has the balls to stop the Dems from destroying America. This latest is another Russia, Russia effort

  8. I think it’s way past time to begin to punish the democrats for their criminal behavior. They keep doing things to keep control of the government and none of it is legal. We not only need to regulate the terms of senators and representatives, but the amount of money appropriated to candidates for elections. George Soros’ money amongst a couple others keep the Dems in power from judges to prosecutors.

  9. This is the playbook of the DOJ-to go around with guns drawn and raid the homes of Trump Supporters while denying the public transparency of why they raided them. Judge Reinhart now knows that his approval of the search warrant could really be his complete downfall as a judge nad that the only way to try to salvge his judgeship is to force the DOJ to reveal the search warrant.

    1. Judge Reinhart HAS the search warrant. He has the power to unseal it unredacted and complete, which he must. Reinhart still needs to face the federal judicial ethics committee for his ignorance of the 4th Amendment, looking toward his removal from the bench.

  10. After the Russia collusion, it would seem likely that this was possibly a set up. Hillary supposedly spied on President Trump’s campaign and help set up Russiagate so it isn’t a big leap to think that any “boxes” sent to the President’s residence could be used against him especially if he didn’t pack them himself. It isn’t a far fetched possibility in the way this President has been treated by the news media and certain Democrats and some RINOS since before he took office.

  11. I never thought one individual could do this much damage to our great country , but this beligerent ,incompetent and corrupt president has proven me wrong once again !

  12. FBI is known for planting evidence so they can make a crime out of nothing real.And this was in their interest just in case Trump had records from the Russia gate they concocted

  13. We are seeing in the Democrat DOJ and FBI what happens when people of low/no integrity and low character get into positions of power and try to carry out their lust for control over others – especially those who have worked harder and been successful in their careers. They are also the same with poor people who lack the resources to defend themselves. This fault exists throughout the Democrat Party where they think they must control lives. Our President and Democrat members of Congress all suffer from this malady.

  14. Sweep Washington clean and let our real PRESIDENT,PRESIDENT TRUMP get in the office her won in 2020 again and let him straighten this country out.

  15. Biden has proven himself to be Corrupt and Wrong about everything he touches. The Nation needs him gone along with the rest of his flunkies. FIRE them ALL NOW before it is too late. The country can’t take much more of the lying and corruption!!

  16. I am waiting for the end of the mid-terms and see if the idiot people in this country care more for their freedom than free drugs if the dems win you can put your head between your knees and kiss it goodby

  17. Not just Biden but the ubummer as well
    Now the judge wants to clear his name?? Isn’t that a bit too late??
    Boy… they really violated the 4th Amendment…big time…
    This might be the push back on the Hunter files ….more…plus…
    Hitlary crimes on Russia, Russia, Russia and the e-mails as violations of a Federal worker contract signed by ALL FEDERAL WORKERS…
    We would all been in jail if we did what she did…eh???

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