Judge in Trump Case Getting Attacked by Major Networks

Judge Aileen Cannon is now under fire by virtually every major cable news network simply because she is a Trump-appointed judge.

They are all saying the same thing…

Since Trump appointed her, the fix is in.

Taking Hits

Joy Reid on MSNBC stated, “Trump—he always looks at things as my or mine. My generals, my Kevin, my classified documents, my judges. Apparently he’s got one.”

Elie Mystal, also of MSNBC accused Judge Cannon of being corrupt, stating, “She’s biased and corrupt.

“Like, I don’t know what to tell everybody anymore.

“Like, I’ve been saying this since he took office. When you allow Republicans to control the courts you get nothing. Trump judges do not believe in the rule of law, they do not believe in precedent, they do not believe in facts, they do not believe in logic—they just believe in whatever’s going to help Donald Trump, and they’ve proven it again and again and again.”

“Morning Joe” continued the attack, as did CNN and the New York Times, among others.

This is how the left works these days.

If you don’t give them what they want, you are racist or corrupt simply because they do not agree with the decision.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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6 Responses

  1. Since Judge Cannon seems to be the only one using common sense and decency, I suggest we cut to the quick and make her Pres. Trump’s running mate. She at least has the guts to stand up for the truth and not fold like all the rest of the so-called Republicans.

    1. Good for Judge Cannon. She may want to go a step further and refer some of those hostile democrat lawyers to the federal and state legal ethics committees, looking toward revocation of their licenses to practice law.

  2. What matters the most is what God in heaven thinks and I believe that God in heaven is very pleased in her decision.
    Nancy Goettman
    (Goettman means God’s man in German and your last name usually is your vocation). It is mine.

  3. Interesting! You never hear these New Wonks complain about the Judges that keep handing stupid decisions to Joe Biden or The ones who kept silent and are keeping silent on the obvious Voter Fraud or the use of the lefty’s pay to play schemes, as they go into office with a modicum of wealth and come out Multi-Millionairesl

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